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About us: Superyachts News

Superyachts News is part of The International yachting Media, the most read boating magazines network in the world.

Our magazines were born in 2014, from the entrepreneurial creativity of Luca D’Ambrosio, awarded for digital innovation in 2011 by the then President of the Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano and, still today, they represent the maximum expression of innovation and user experience a boating magazine can give to a reader.

Completely free to read, to download and share, our superyachts magazine, is as beautiful as easy to browse.

Superyachts Magazine is dedicated to the above 24 meters superyachts that it display in an unforgettable container where luxury and lifestyle can reach their maximum expression.

The International Yachting Media other pubblications

All our magazines are written by the world’s best journalists and emotions are captured by amazing photographers that are able to report the real boat feeling in the most accurate way.

A team that work every day in order to assure the highest possible standards.

The International Yachting Media Digest

The International Yachting Media Digest is the only “advertising free” yachting magazine in the world. Browsing their pages pictures will animate becoming videos, words become link that lead to specific insights.

Superyachts, motor boats, sailing vessel and any boat owner interest can be find in the most complete, digital and free of charge boating magazine in the world.

Virtual Boat Show

Our Virtual Boat Show is a real content collector that give the possibility to walk along a dock and find out all the informations relative to the yacht you are looking for. Virtual Tours, sea trials, superyachts premiere, boat supplies and much more than this.

Boating News App

Our Boating News App is, like all the other publications, completely free to download and to use. A fast and very easy system to stay always informed about boating, superyachts, sailing yachts, maxi-ribs and tender.

Boating web magazines

Our boating web magazines simply collect the world’s best shipyards production, from a real global point of view. Published in four languages, our magazines reach more than 900.000 boat and superyachts owners every week, giving them precise informations on the boat they are looking for.