MAR.CO R-Evolution 26 tender

MAR.CO R-EVOLUTION 26, the perfect tender

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The new jewel in the Mar.Co family, the R-Evolution 26, has been defined by its own manufacturers as a real milestone.

Designed as the ultimate expression of design and aimed at achieving great cruising performance, it is a tender that offers great comfort on board. This chase boat gives wonderful sensations to the driver, while offering plenty of space for recreational activities.

The design is elegant and modern. This is immediately visible in the quality of the sofa finishes, the wide rear decks and the black T-Top. Every corner hides a surprise, a space, a chrome, a story, which at Mar.Co began in 1974.

In 8 metres of length the Mar.Co R-Evolution 26 encapsulated the best of its boatbuilding experience, enhanced in this case by the power of a Mercury 450R that made my test even more exciting: let’s see why.


I approach the test of the new MAR.CO R-Evolution 26 with a certain amount of expectation – I have been waiting since 2021 to get on board.  I enjoy every single step leading to the helm station and notice, right from the start, that it is easy to move around and there is a comfortable seat waiting for me, which immediately makes me feel at ease. In this position you really do have the choice of steering while standing or sitting.

As we leave the port I notice that this tender responds perfectly to the controls, manoeuvres are decidedly simple, even though we only have one outboard motor. I accelerate and at about 2,000 rpm the wake is already coming off and the boat gets up on plane. The hull glides over the water effortlessly.

At 3,500 revs we’re at 23 knots, an ideal speed for moving with ease between the superyacht and the chosen destination; fuel consumption is also very low, just 43.5 litres per hour, ensuring a great range for the craft.

Outside the port the sea is very rough, which is the ideal condition for testing this ‘super tender’ in harsh conditions. I put the throttle down, the waves are over a metre and a half, but they do not bother the hull of the MAR.CO R-Evolution 26, which surprisingly tackles the swells at high speed smoothly and, above all, without even a splash reaching the boat. I still speed up and, at 5,500 rpm, I manage to touch the remarkable top speed of 48.5 knots: truly impressive in these conditions.

I tackle a series of tight turns and counter-turns, this inflatable is incredible, it’s as agile as a jet ski and as stable as an oil tanker! Even the acceleration is amazing, from 0 to 20 knots in two and a half seconds, that’s super racing performance.

There is little more to add: high-performance, elegant but above all extremely safe. This tender is not only ideal for fast cruising, it is also a real water toy.

The MAR.CO R-Evolution 26 in detail

At 8.02 metres long and 3.08 metres wide, the dominant colours of this version of the Mar.Co R-Evolution 26 are white and red, interrupted only by a carbon black stripe on the two tubulars. Obviously this chase boat can be customized as desired although, I must admit, I really like this combination. The Mercury 450R also fits in nicely, the matching colouring giving it a decidedly sporty touch.

In the middle of the boat, a beautiful fiberglass-made T-Top is reminiscent of the one on the R-Evolution 35, with two carefully designed storage compartments and a modern-style dashboard that matches the T-shaped seat and the very elegant white footrest.

The manufacturing quality of this inflatable, designed by Federico Gerna, is very high and can be seen in every detail: from the handrails to the finishes, right down to the large rear decks that house a practical retractable ladder, equipped with handles to make getting up from the water more comfortable. Everything here is studied down to the smallest detail.

Spaces are equally impressive. The MAR.CO R-Evolution 26 is in fact approved for as many as 14 people! On the transom there is room for an outboard up to 450 hp, like the one we tested today. The stern platforms are wide, with a locker under the one on the right, ideal for storing fins and masks.

There are also six spacious compartments between the stern and bow, a toilet with a dedicated tank hidden under the front seat of the helm console, fires, a fridge and a table in the middle of the stern that disappears in a flash, leaving room for the large sundeck. Relaxation is guaranteed everywhere.

In short, a chase boat that is not just a tender, but a versatile craft, with which you can indifferently disembark in the port or hang around all day, moving from one bay to another.

Test Data

600 4 2.8
1000 5.3 5.8
1500 7.3 11.4
2000 8.9 18.9
2500 13.4 28
3000 19.2 33.1
3500 26 51.8
4000 31.5 67
4500 36 90.8

Technical Specs

DESIGN & PROJECT Federico Gerna
LOA 802 cm
MAX BEAM 308 cm
FUEL 330 l
WATER 100 l