Advanced A80

Advanced A80, when elegance meets blue water cruising

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Advanced A80, sea trial for the queen of blue water cruisers.

If someone had told me that I would find myself testing the same boat, with the same skippers again, after six years, I would not have believed it.
And yet Jung must have been right when he wrote about the synchronicity of things because, as the tender accompanies me towards Mindfulness, the new Advanced A80, I immediately recognize Fabio Beccatini and Cristian Marani as they wave to me.
From a distance, I analyze the profile of this sailing superyacht which, as well as being unmistakable, is endowed with infinite class. The lines drawn by Mario Pedol and Massimo Gino of Nauta Yachts are minimalist, pure, beautiful and allow the semi-reed saloon to rise above the deck in a superlative, almost imperceptible way.
The famous Reichel/Pugh duo was responsible for the design of this proverbial hull which, on its own, is worth buying this Advanced A80. Hull lines that come from the same hands that have created America³, Alfa Romeo, Wild Oats and even the Melges 24, probably the most famous one-design in the world.

New Advanced A80 Sea Trial

Putting my hands on these wheels while the sea is barely rippling and feeling the 40 tonnes of this 24-meter yacht gliding over the water at speeds faster than the true wind is a great emotion.
In just 6 knots of true wind, the boat cruises unhesitatingly, upwind, leaning over the side at over 7 knots of speed. These are conditions in which most blue water cruisers struggle to move, but Mindfulness, despite the fact that her setup period is not yet over, moves easily in the breezes that now characterize the Gulf of Portofino.
The deck plan is clearly aimed at easy sailing and, if it weren’t for the sheer size of everything on board, this would be a sailboat that you could handle on your own, but even so, and despite the 328 square meters of mainsail and genoa, with two people and a bit of familiarity, it can be steered without problems.

Then the wind decides to give us a few stronger gusts and reaches 8 knots. The Advanced A80 speeds up instantly and reaches almost 10 knots at 30 degrees from the apparent wind.

I bear away and the boat continues to sail at between 9 and 10 knots up to 60 degrees of apparent wind and then, of course, begins to decelerate, but never below 7 knots, even when we’re sailing broad reach.
With a gennaker, which unfortunately we don’t have today, the speeds would certainly have been amazing. I still remember the Apsaras test where, in a 10/12 knot true wind, we were sailing upwind at a speed of between 13 and 14 knots, a spectacle!
But to fully understand the reasons why the Advanced A80 sails so well, you have to look at the stern and observe the wake, which is extremely clean and does not drag at all. The work done on this hull by Reichel/Pugh in terms of fluid dynamics is evident and extremely tangible.

How the new Advanced A80 is made

Reckmann and Harken on deck, furling boom and retractable spray hood to emphasize the very high level of finish. A 34-meter carbon mast, exotic material rigging and North sails characterize this new Advanced A80, which is, in the yard’s view, the last level of “easy-to-manage” technology before moving on to the racer level.

At the bow, thanks also to the structural bowsprit, she can be fitted with genoa, gennaker, code 0 and a comfortable self-tacking foresail for moments of strong wind or maximum relaxation.

Inside, wide-slatted floorboards, precious woods and fabrics enhance the features of a refined taste that still manages to remain elegantly marine. Finally, a boat with interiors that don’t resemble those of a hotel suite.

A well-equipped galley, separate but not closed off, manages to meet the needs of conviviality and those of long cruises. The saloon is raised, designed to get maximum light from the windows in the deckhouse (the ceiling is a skylight) and allows you to look out through the large hull openings. It is a space light years away from the annoying feeling of being in a submarine.

But it is also raised because, as a brilliant goddess, the engine, generators, boilers and watermaker are located underneath this terrace, all in an area that is very accessible and therefore convenient for maintenance.

There are five double cabins, all with en-suite facilities, on this version of the Advanced A80. The master is full-beam and is truly immense. Here there is a boiserie/writing desk, a sofa and a large head.

Advanced A80

At the large maximum beam, very much set back, under the vast cockpit there are two other guest cabins, both with heads and equipped with additional bunk beds.

Further forward, after the dinette and galley, there are two more double cabins which, depending on requirements, can be dedicated to crew or guests.


Advanced A80 is not the “usual” blue water cruiser. This is clear from the choice of the team of designers and planners chosen to build her, who are probably among the best available on the market. This superyacht has been conceived to position itself at a very high level of the market, distinguishing itself from the competition by the richness of the finishes, the elegance of the interiors and the prestigious deck plan, which allows this boat to sail, quickly and simply, in maximum comfort.

But the real plus of this shipyard is the fact that, apart from the hull lines, the rest of the boat is completely customizable, according to the needs and tastes of the lucky owners who manage to get one.

Technical Specs

LOA 23.98 m
LWL 21.60 m
MAX BEAM 6.20 m
DRAFT fixed keel 3.50 m
CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS – HULL Sandwich with fibreglass and carbon reinforcements under vacuum epoxy resin and reinforcements in high fatigue areas.
CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS – DECK Sandwich with carbon reinforcements under vacuum epoxy resin
BALLAST ca. 11.780 kg
SAIL PLAN I = 30.20 m
J = 8.40 m
P = 29.40 m
E = 10.80 m
SAIL AREA 100% 328 m2
WATERMAKER 1 x Shenker Modular around 150 l/h, 220V
GENERATOR Onan 17.5 kW QD MDKBN 50 hz
24v 5.5 kw/h
DESIGNER Reichel-Pugh Yacht Design


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