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Ocean Alexander 35 Puro: hull #1 sold in Florida

Ocean Alexander 35 Puro is a truly phenomenal yacht, and the market has swiftly confirmed it. The Taiwanese builder announced ...
fans for superyachts
Boat Supply

Fans for superyachts, CEM products for water and air movement.

In every type of boat, within its various compartments, the presence of systems for water and air movement is essential. ...
the Cannes Yachting Festival,

Cannes Yachting Festival: from September 10 to 15 in the heart of French Riviera

The opening event of the nautical season, the Cannes Yachting Festival, will take place from September 10 to 15 along ...


ocean alexander 35

Ocean Alexander 35 Revolution: another unit of the dream superyacht has been sold

A new Ocean Alexander 35 is set to sail in all the seas of the world. The Taiwanese yacht manufacturer, ...
Cinderella Noel IV

Cinderella Noel IV, the 50-meter yacht designed to take on the North Sea

It has passed hyper-intensive tests in the North Sea and is now ready to take its owners to the world’s ...
Boat Shows

Ocean Alexander 35 Puro: the new series lands in Palm Beach

“The Ocean Alexander 35 Puro does not draw stylized cues from yachts that find a niche in geographical markets; she ...


superyacht cup palm

Superyacht Cup Palma gets off to a great start among rookies and prominent veterans

Superyacht Cup Palma is looking forward to summer 2024 with great enthusiasm. In fact, the 28th edition of Europe’s longest-running ...
La Belle Classe Superyachts Business Symposium

La Belle Classe Superyachts Business Symposium, yachting at the heart of Monaco’s challenges

An insightful debate among the world’s top players in the yachting industry to discuss the importance and economic impact of ...
monaco energy boat challenge

Monaco Energy Boat Challenge returns in July for its 11th edition

The 11th edition of the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge is scheduled to occur from July 1st to 6th, 2024, organized ...


nl 50 plus

NL 50 Plus: striking, sinuous, timeless

A striking and curvaceous super yacht, offering exceptional deck space and high-end amenities, fully customizable interiors, and very short construction ...

NOLIMITS: Rossinavi has launched its new brand

A new brand, five yachts from 30 to 45 meters, and many outstanding features that enable long-distance sailing with maximum ...

SAGASU, a dreamy 48 meters: Hydro Tec’s new masterpiece

A super yacht with an Asian soul but a strongly international character, marking the beginning of the collaboration between Piedmont-based ...


Es vedrà

The enigmatic Es Vedrà: Ibiza’s limestone legend

Blurring the lines between reality, fairy tale and fantasy of the mysterious island. Es Vedrà, the enigmatic rock full of ...
Boat Shows

How to spend a superb day boating on Biscayne Bay in Miami

Believe it or not, Biscayne Bay encompasses many more miles of Atlantic coast than just the pulsating heart of the ...
formentera dove pesare l'ancora

Sunrise to Sunset in Funky Free-Spirited Formentera, where to weigh anchor

Formentera: where to weigh anchor and live “Sunrise to Sunset” in this Funky Free-Spirited island. Tolerant and temptatious, the enclave ...


Superyachts News

Superyachts News belongs to The International yachting Media, the most read boating magazines network in the world.

The editorial group was born in 2014, from the entrepreneurial creativity of Luca D’Ambrosio who, awarded for digital innovation in 2011 by the President of the Italian Republic, has developed a digital native system for the international broadcasting of nautical news.

superyachts newsAll the publisher’ titles are based on quality of informations, an enhanced multimedia approach and a great user experience.

The magazine publishes news related to leisure boats over 24 meters, including sailing yachts, motor yachts or multihull. A magazine that, thanks to a fantastic container, collects in a single luxurious dedicated showcase, articles, news and tests of the giants of the sea, that today easily reach and exceed 100 meters in length.

The magazine opens with a gallery of news – Superyachts headline news – illustrated with full screen images of great impact.

Scrolling down the reader enters the heart of the magazine with market news – Superyachts –

A large space is dedicated to follow the theme of Concepts, a subject much loved by design enthusiasts. It then continues with lifestyle, launch, and destinations.

Luxury yachts: history and definitions

Superyachts began to appear at the beginning of 1900 when the first wealthy shipowners ordered their construction with the intention of using them exclusively for leisure purposes.

Among the first motor superyachts we find many conversions of merchant or military boats. A perfect example is the famous Christina O which, 99 meters long and originally launched in 1943 under the name HMCS Stormont (an anti-submarine frigate), was purchased in 1947 by Aristotle Onassis and then converted to private use at a crazy expense for that time: four million dollars.

Superyachts news - Christina O

Today with the term superyachts are generically indicated all those pleasure boats longer than 24 meters, (about 80 ft), although, in reality, there are more precise definitions and subdivisions.

The first large subdivision obviously concerns their length. Are in fact specifically defined superyachts, leisure yachts between 24 and 50 meters while, with the term megayachts, we normally indicate those over 50 meters and up to 100 meters.

The few and fantastic pleasure yachts that exceed 100 meters are defined today gigayachts, like the Azzam that, launched in April 2013, measures the beauty of 180 meters (590 feet) and, perhaps for a short time, is the longest superyacht in the world.

Superyachs news - Azzam

The market of these magnificent giants of the sea is very active. From a 2016 statistic we learn in fact that in the world there would be 10,000 active superyachts, 80% of which are motor yachts.

Every year about 150 Superyachts are sold, produced and launched all over the world. The first producing country is Italy, which also enjoys the supremacy of the shipyard that claims the title of first producer in the world: it is the Azimut Benetti group that has been in first position for 21 years.

Megayachts News

These boats are real floating royal palaces, offering a wealth of facilities and equipment on board that make both relaxation and entertainment sublime. Most of these yachts offer suites and lounge areas, a gym, a disco, a cinema, a swimming pool, a spa, an area reserved for tenders, water toys, submarines and, on the largest yachts, one or more helidecks for private helicopters.

Superyachts news Columbus

One of the main peculiarities of superyachts is the presence on board of a highly professional crew, able to provide a five-stars assistance during the entire cruise period. The crew is generally made up of the following categories of personnel: the captain, who is in charge of the boat; the chef, who is in charge of the kitchen and food management and the staff who, like in a luxury hotel, is dedicated to serving the guests. Onboard we normally find also a technical crew, dedicated to the operation and maintenance of the boat, usually a motorist and an electronics expert who, together, ensure the operation of the boat and all the systems on board.

It is therefore a very various and luxurious market, that is constantly evolving. Our online magazine was born from this observation, a publication entirely dedicated to these fantastic masterpieces of naval art.

Superyachts News Magazine

Superyachts NewsA digital magazine that represents the best answer to all those readers who have been asking for a long time for a suitable container for the world of superyachts, able to gather in a single prestigious showcase news, articles, tests, images and videos related to these fantastic dream boats.

The Superyachts News magazine has been created in two languages and brings the spectacular images of these boats to the web. The site has been designed to offer a rich, pleasant and functional experience, facilitated by the use of graphics created for mobile devices and only later adapted to desktop use.

From the beginning, the publisher set out to develop an innovative and unique model, developed to broadcast free news worldwide.  A multi-channel, web and social system designed for the yachting and luxury market, i.e. for a sector that certainly wants to communicate globally, reaching an audience of users with high spending power.

The International Yachting Media

The International Yachting Media group publishes 6 magazines and is top ranked globally. With over 900,000 views per week in more than 200 countries, it is probably the most read yachting media in the world.

The audience includes shipowners (around 80%) as well as a significant proportion of captains and crew members who are among the top influencers in the industry. The main audience segment (86%) are men aged between 35 and over 50.

Geographically the publications are very strong in Europe and the Americas with a coverage of respectively 53% and 40%. Over 50% of our digital magazines are accessed through organic search.

Superyachts News TIYM

The International Yachting Media was born in 2014, from the entrepreneurial creativity of Luca D’Ambrosio who, awarded for digital innovation in 2011 by the President of the Italian Republic, has developed a digital native and unique system for the international broadcasting of nautical news.

“Our media approach is a unique reality in the publishing panorama.” says Luca D’Ambrosio, founder of the publishing group “The innovative and fully digital strategy, together with the internationalisation, are the key to our success around the world”.

The group currently broadcast 6 magazines in 4 languages reaching more than 200 countries every day, totalling approximately 900.000 views per week.

All the publisher’s magazines are based on quality of information, an enhanced multimedia approach and hyper-connected user experience. The International Yachting Media offers a unique interactive experience, where every reader is lead through an extraordinary journey made of hypertextual features, animated photos, sound effects and breath-taking videos.

Our magazines offer the best of the multimedia world in a container that does not need paper to be leafed through but that manages to summarise and enhance the purest and most important values digitally.

The system is independent from the original language of the article; our staff translates, composes and publishes content worldwide and within 24 hours. In parallel with the articles published, our team distributes content on our English, Spanish, French and Italian social network pages.

The International Yachting Media offers a huge variety of web portals that are not limited to the publication of magazines and their news, but extends to unique websites, or simply web sections, made to fulfill almost every boat owners’ needs: from the ports and anchorages online pilot book – the most complete and most up-to-date pilot book of the Mediterranean – to the possibility of buying and selling a sailing yacht or a powerboat.

Last, but not least, in order to allow boat owners to virtually discover all the best world premieres, we launched in April 2019 a very special virtual boat show. The Virtual Boat Show is a real aggregator of multimedia content that collects all the information, many of which in absolute preview, with regards to models produced by shipyards, in an elegant and extraordinarily interactive platform, where you can find sea trials, virtual tours, videos, relevant links and also a direct contact channel with shipyards.