Arcadia A115

Arcadia A115, the launch of the fifth unit

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With 35 meters of length in extension, the Arcadia A115 enables to feel the sea in its entirety, and to fully breathe its perfume by better appreciating its breezes. Because the Arcadia A115, of which news of the launch of a fifth example has recently arrived, it’s a flagship that not only dominates a varied fleet, but is also conceived and designed to rediscover the balance between the human and the water environment.

Arcadia A115“In the ancient Greece, Arcadia was an idyllic place in which to live in harmony with the spirit of nature”. Inspired by the classical myths, ARCADIA YACHTS – based in Torre Annunziata – obtains an integral reworking, with the goal of obtaining the proportionate measures typical of the Italian Renaissance architecture. Everyday life on the A115 is therefore characterized by a sophisticated balance: “everything on board is designed to live a unique marine life experience, in direct contact with the surrounding environment”, explains ARCADIA YACHTS.

The ‘green factor’ is a feature common to the entirety of the fleet: “The large open spaces on board of each Arcadia model allow the public to dive into the marine environment, the aft-decks enable to create a whole between the yacht and the sea, almost as if the latter were a natural extension of the boat”.

Arcadia A115 looks out for the environment

The superstructure of the Arcadia A115 makes use of clean energy in no small measure, with 40 square meters of solar panels that account for a total of 4.5 kW of energy production from the photovoltaic system. These values make it possible to respect the environment whilst reducing noise pollution, in order to renew the peace of mind during the journey aboard this superyacht.

This kind of photovoltaic power makes it possible to “reduce or eliminate

Cantieri Arcadia

altogether the use of the generator while at anchor”. Silence and ecology go hand in hand, with the aim to “enhance the sounds of nature”. As for the interiors, they are designed for comfort, hence the proportions of a human-scale architecture make a great comeback where “the large openings decrease the need for air conditioning, thanks to the benefit of the pleasant sea breezes that can circulate freely in the yacht”.

Armory-like spaces

There are around 500 square meters of living space on board, spread over three decks. “On the Arcadia A115, the contrast between indoors and outdoors disappears, creating a single environment that flows naturally between inside and out: just think of the upper deck, where all the 140 square meters are dedicated to creating a single convivial environment, the heart of which is the jardin d’hiver”.

There are four crew quarters on the lower deck, from which the galley can be accessed in the blink of an eye. The captain rests in the cabin on the upper deck, with the bridge right next to it. The owner has reserved a great deal of space for its guests, with three cabins on the lower deck, while ensuring the necessary personal privacy in the 40-square-metres flat on the main deck with a direct access to the forward terrace.

Arcadia yachtsThis setup moves gently on a semi-planing hull whose efficiency, the company explains, “is 10 per cent higher than other yachts in the same category on the market”. Who is the owner? Someone “very experienced in the nautical world” who will only welcome a “small, select circle of friends”. The sixth Arcadia A115 is already under construction and will be delivered next year. It is a superyacht that was created for the exclusive use of owners but that is also “designed and built to convert to charter use in the future”.