Columbus Atlantique 65 Instant Classic: an innovative and essential flagship

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A new flagship from Columbus Yachts is ready to ply the seas: Atlantique 65 Instant Classic is the latest 65m addition from the shipyard, a Palumbo Superyachts brand, with sinuous lines and full of innovative contents. It represents a natural evolution of the line, available in four versions of 37m, 43m, 47m and 55m with two 43m models and one 47m model currently in production.

Atlantique 65 Instant Classic stems from Columbus Yachts’ desire to seek innovative solutions for its models without ever radically altering them, so as not to detract from the classic beauty that distinguishes all of the brand’s work.

ATLANTIQUE 65 INSTANT CLASSIC 2Innovation is incremental and with the Atlantique 65 Instant Classic the shipyard try to summarize the future of luxury yachting and the values underlying the brand in a single model.

“This new 65-metre is the natural evolution of a range that is giving us so much satisfaction. ” comments Giuseppe Palumbo, founder and CEO of Palumbo Superyachts.“An even more detailed and sinuous exterior design, where the bridges have such a masterfully balanced and light structure to give the impression that they are suspended. Enrico Lumini and the entire Hot Lab team have marked another incredible milestone in the history of the Columbus shipyard.”

Innovation and exterior design

The external volumes are characterized by perfectly coherent, clean lines that run seamlessly from stern to bow, creating smooth, polished, rigorous surfaces. Great attention was paid to the proportions, so that the solids and voids areas are always perfectly balanced, from any angle.

One of the major innovations of the Atlantique 65 Instant Classic concerns the attention paid to the three-dimensional composition of this superyacht: a study that has led not to think from the profile and then somehow to obtain a three-dimensional version, but rather to sculpt an already smooth stone, already proportionate in order to obtain a shape that is always naturally fluid and coherent. Atlantique 65 Instant Classic

The initial ‘rough’ shape is comparable to a marble block that is first polished and then perfected by adding the details that make it unique, like a work of art, and this was also done for the Atlantique 65 Instant Classic.

“The fundamental idea was to create a volume characterized by great linearity and stylistic coherence, without redundancies, without excesses: an elegant and clean look as if stemmed from a sailboat or a 50s sports car. No concessions to stylistic superstructures, but only clean, clear-cut, essential traits. says Enrico Lumini of Hot Lab. “With this primary aim, an innovative yacht by an unexpected appearance was generated, which finds its most radical expression in its extreme dryness and which at the same time shows itself in all its elegance with a style that seems to have always been there before our eyes.”

Atlantique 65 Instant Classic – Interior

The innovations of the new Columbus Yachts’ flagship are not limited to the exteriors, but rather find even better expression in the interior layout.The Pool Terrace is a clear exmaple of this: an infinity pool on a deck that is neither the main deck nor the aft swim platform, but something else. A terrace in fact, raised just enough to allow three small, yet significant, innovations at the same time: the full-height entrance to the aft beach club, almost as if it were a SPA overlooking a garden;

the terrace effect of the pool space, which allows guests to enjoy the best possible view of the surrounding environment;the privacy of the external space on the main deck, which is somehow protected by the volume of the terrace itself, allowing guests to enjoy an openspace that is generallyless used, especially when in a port. Atlantique 65 Instant Classic interior

However, it’s in the bow where we find the best combination between layout and design: the objective of containing the overall height and therefore developing a three-deck closed layout inevitably involves the need to position the helm station on the upper deck and consequently have the owner cabin on the main deck without the classic forward view. It is in fact a semi-duplex cabin, with a first compartment dedicated to an office, walk-in closet and main room, and a more forward second section comprising a bathroom and a raised sitting room.

In this way the cabin enjoys a ceiling higher than 3 metres, infinite skylights, spaces worthy of much larger boats than this Atlantique 65 Instant Classic and even private access to the bow Jacuzzi.

The layout is such to accommodate up to 12 guests in 4 VIP cabins located below deck, the owner cabin on the main deck and a fifth VIP cabin on the upper deck. Additional 10 cabins are assigned to the 16 crew the Captain.

Powered by two MTU 12V4000M63 engines of 1500kW each, the Atlantique 65 Instant Classic has a rated top speed of 17.5knots, while the cruising speed is 14 knots and the range at 11 knots is 5500 miles.