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Fans for superyachts, CEM products for water and air movement.

In every type of boat, within its various compartments, the presence of systems for water and air movement is essential. This is particularly crucial aboard superyachts, renowned for their larger size, which require appropriate products. CEM, an Italian company and global leader in the manufacturing of pumps, pressure vessels, and fans for yachts and superyachts, offers a variety of specialized systems tailored specifically for these vessels.

Andrea Corradi of CEM explains: “Regarding the movement of water and fluids in general, we are able to cover all onboard needs with our range of pumps and pressure vessels: from bilge pumping to firefighting, from pressurized water distribution for showers, sinks, and toilets to deck and chain washing, from fuel transfer pumps to emergency diesel pumps, and more. For superyachts, given their size, producing all these products requires a know-how that CEM can provide thanks to decades of experience in national and international markets, demonstrated by partnerships with some of the world’s most important boat manufacturers. We carefully select the materials needed to manufacture our products, which must meet high-quality standards to ensure long-term performance necessary for onboard comfort and safety”.

“Regarding air movement, especially to ensure proper ventilation of the engine room – continues Corradi –we design and manufacture a complete range of fans/exhaust fans for boats, including both axial and centrifugal models, available in painted carbon steel or stainless steel versions. Our range also includes fans/exhaust fans for kitchens, bathrooms, and ATEX-certified versions for areas with explosion risks (such as tender garages, battery compartments, etc.). We produce complete ventilation kits that include, in addition to the fan, all necessary accessories for proper onboard installation ensuring excellent performance and low noise“.

CEM’s product range is extensive. We asked Corradi to focus on three types of products specifically for superyachts.

Electropumps for bilge/firefighting (ABR and 070 series)

Regarding self-priming electropumps, widely used in the marine sector for bilge drainage and firefighting, CEM offers the ABR and 070 series. The self-priming electropumps of the ABR series are made of multistage liquid ring bronze, while those of the 070 series are made of lateral liquid ring bronze.

CEM ABR electric pumps
CEM ABR electric pumps

The selection and use of high-quality materials, combined with excellent suction capability (up to 6 meters) and technical performance features, make these pumps particularly suitable for use on superyachts”, explains Corradi.

CEM 070 electric pumps
CEM 070 electric pumps

Dual-pump pressure groups

For superyachts, CEM produces innovative dual vertical pressure groups. These are the GD-GDV-GDE series, consisting of pressure groups with two self-priming electropumps in stainless steel (J-INOX or MG-INOX suitable for fresh water) or bronze (JBR suitable for both fresh and seawater). The GD series pressure groups are horizontal, GDV series are vertical, and GDE series are horizontal with an electronic pressure switch (EPC).

These products are widely used on boats to ensure adequate and consistent water pressure for onboard services such as showers, kitchens, sinks, toilets, etc.- explains Corradi – Using our GD-GDV-GDE pressure groups ensures higher water flow compared to traditional ones, as the two electropumps can operate either simultaneously or individually”.

For proper operation, it is recommended to pair a storage tank with the pressure group.

CEM GDE pressure groups

CEM ventilation kits: fans and exhaust fans for superyachts

Last but not least, CEM produces and supplies complete ventilation kits to some of the world’s most important shipyards. These kits include exhaust systems and fans specifically designed for superyachts, offering a comprehensive set of products essential for perfect ventilation or extraction in the engine room.

CEM’s ventilation kits for superyachts feature an axial fan series VE (painted carbon steel) or VEX (stainless steel), certified “RINA type approved for Marine field”, an anti-vibration ring ANV necessary to reduce vibrations, a QT fitting for connecting the superyacht fans to the damper and directly fixing to the ventilation duct, and approved fire or smoke dampers.

CEM ventilation kits include fans for superyachts

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