nl 50 plus

NL 50 Plus: striking, sinuous, timeless

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A striking and curvaceous super yacht, offering exceptional deck space and high-end amenities, fully customizable interiors, and very short construction time by industry standards. NL 50 Plus is the new creature signed by Italian studio Nuvolari Lenard, which has created a masterpiece of timeless design, managing to stay within the 499GT tonnage so as not to exceed the fateful 500GT regulatory threshold. But without sacrificing anything in terms of space and equipment: on the contrary, at 52 meters in length, the NL 50 Plus offers elegant spaces that are never crowded, while the large glass surfaces ensure a feeling of perfect continuity between the interior spaces and the outdoor landscape. This is a perfectly balanced proposal combined with impeccable construction methods.

nuvolari lenard
Carlo Nuvolari and Dan Lenard

NL 50 Plus is, in short, a 52-meter that surprises, thanks to Nuvolari Lenard’s established design experience. Then again, behind this Italian firm are two leading figures in the world of super yachts over the past three decades, Carlo Nuvolari and Dan Lenard, who have contributed to the creation of hundreds of nautical masterpieces, including some of the world’s largest and most iconic yachts. For the new NL 50 Plus, Nuvolari Lenard Studio partnered with the renowned Mengi Y ay shipyard and broker partner Camper & Nicholsons.

Theconstruction of the first NL 50Plus isalready underway;therefore, it is not simply a project,” says Carlo Nuvolari, a marine engineer who co-founded the Nuvolari Lenard firm. “Working with C&N also means benefiting from their vast experience to greatly simplify communication, coordination and project control.”


The timeless design of the NL 50 Plus

With an extremely efficient hull designed by Dutch firm Van Oossanen, which also handled the structural design, the NL 50 Plus starts with a solid platform that ensures low fuel consumption and low noise on board. To this end, Nuvolari Lenard has designed a sophisticated profile full of essential and elegant features, the result of three decades of experience in interpreting the needs of owners and understanding how they use their yachts.


“Many elements of the design, both interior and exterior, draw inspiration from our experiences and yachts already delivered,” says Dan Lenard, designer and co-founder of Nuvolari Lenard. “Internal flow, with the separation of crew and guests, is a staple in all our designs and is the foundation on which everything else is based. The fact of having spent personally of the time aboard the yachts and to have come into contact with so many owners and passionate familiesi of the sea, puts us in a position invaluable to anticipate and meet the expectations of shipowners.”

In the NL 50 Plus, Nuvolari Lenard’s expertise is combined with an innate sense of aesthetics, which is evident in the unique profile and harmonious interplay of hull and superstructure elements, stylistic lines andextensive use of glass. There are no ‘wrong visualangles ,” Nuvolari explains. “The secret lies in. In proportions. L‘Visual impact of the yacht as seen from the stern is extremely eye-catching e gives a perception of greater grandeur. The bow, instead, has aa classic line and non loses its value intrinsic po Why it avoids excesses extravaganti, unlike some bows bizarre that you can be observed in other cases“.


The aft area is a unique experience: a large beach club and sea terrace with customizable built-in pool and fold-down platforms that extend the area over the water. But also surprising are the amazing deck areas: the forward lounge serves as an open-air cinema, while at the top, the NL 50 Plus boasts one of the largest sundecks in its class, complete with a custom heated spa pool and fire pit. All deck areas have been designed following the Mediterranean lifestyle, inspired in equal measure by the top design and exclusive beach clubs of the coast. The sundeck offers enough space to comfortably accommodate a large number of guests; comfort is also provided by the privacy offered by a separate crew ladder that connects directly to the service area,” Nuvolari explains.


NL 50 Plus is in essence about a truly exciting superyacht, including enough space for a 7-meter tender, a crew tender, and a wide range of water toys. A distinctive feature is then the stern beach, whose use is not limited to times at anchor. “The continuity of the spaces, particularly from the beach club to the main deck, is unique, Nuvolari explains, “e we have securedi that the entire area was usable by shipowners and guests even while sailinge“.


Inside, too, there are many special features of the NL 50 Plus. In addition to the four VIP cabins on the lower deck, all of which are ample in size, there is a 50-square-meter master suite forward on the main deck, which even incorporates a modular sliding terrace. This allows it not only to be configured as desired, but also to be opened and closed without requiring crew assistance.

The slidingterrace offers several modes: whenclosed, it leaves an open-air space that can beaccessed through the patio door,” Nuvolari explains. “It is perfecta for breathe air fresh o for goderyou the view of the sea and of the surrounding environment, either daytime chAnd at night. When you slide the balcony outward, the railing automatically positions itself, allowing you to use it in total privacy.”.


Attention to detail remains a key element, while the entire interior design represents a highly customizable canvas on which owners can put their own distinctive touches, guided by the expertise of the Nuvolari Lenard team. “Creating a yacht is never an easy process, but it becomes easier when what we propose satisfies aesthetic taste,” Nuvolari explains. “We diversified the interior styles by offering various options for décor, and we also anticipated many of the possible choices for the interior and deck. However, when potential shipowners have a chance to explore the layout we have created, I believe most of them will find that it exactly matches their preferences and needs. The freedom to make changes is always there; but of course, is closely related to the timing of the requests: the earlier they are made with respect to the construction timeframe, the better the options available.”

Timely delivery

The NL 50 Plus is designed to enable rapid construction, ensuring faster delivery than similar yachts, while retaining all the advantages of a custom build. This represents another distinctive element of the Nuvolari Lenard ethos, further distinguishing the NL 50 Plus concept from the competition.

“The primary expectation of the owner is to receive the yacht within a reasonable time frame and through an engaging, stress-free process,” says Nuvolari. “For this reason, we took the initiative to design everything down to the smallest detail, collaborating with Mengi Yay, a shipyard with strong family traditions that is currently masterfully building yachts S1 and S2, two other 500GT yachts designed by Nuvolari Lenard.”