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On test. Amer 110 with quad Ips: the revolution is now!

We already announced the launch of the brand new Amer 110 last August, when the new creation of the Sanremo-based boatyard had touched water for the first time. In the few following weeks, Permare Group’s staff completed its work and joined the Cannes Yachting Festival, where the boat enjoyed its worldwide première. And it’s exactly from the quays of Cannes that we moved for the first sea trial reserved for a magazine, accompanied by two special guides: Rodolfo Amerio –  at the head of Permare Group together with his sister Barbara – who was our captain, and architect Stefano Tini, who developed both interior and flybridge design of this boat. 

33 metres long, the Amer 110 is a real “recreational ship”, a megayacht where nothing is standardized. Except for naval architecture by Massimo Verme, interior layout and living standards were both designed by architect Stefano Tini on specific requests of the owner. The latter is a special customer, whose Russian nationality transpires from the particular interior décor of the yacht. In just 6 years, he has bought three Amer boats: the Amer 92, the 100 and, now, the Amer 110. 

amer 110_003-FILEminimizer

Unique – that’s the name of the new Amer 110 – encloses an essential innovation in terms of engine installation, as she is fitted with four 900hp Volvo Penta IPS pod drives. This is a guinness for the fruitful Permare-Volvo Penta partnership since the Amer 110 is the first recreational ship in the world to be powered by Quad IPS system.

The choice of this motorization is perfectly in line with other strategic decisions the Italian boatyard has recently adopted in order to achieve high-level performance and the best fuel consumption standards in the total respect of the environment. 

Thanks to the four-pod drives set-up, the boatyard has registered a top speed of over 30 knots. During our sea trial, with 12 passengers on boards, full fuel tank and rough sea, we touched a maximum speed of 28.5 knots. Of special note is fuel consumption: at 24 knots, the boat used just 540 l/h. This means that the innovative Volvo Penta Quad IPS system allows for a reduction of almost 30% in fuel consumption compared with traditional motorizations of equal power. Furthermore, thanks to her 9,250 l fuel tank capacity, the Amer 110 has one among the greatest range among superyachts of the same category.

Another innovative feature is the protective film on the hull that has replaced the traditional antifouling paint. 

Coming from military navy application, this new system permits to avoid the yearly cost for antifouling as it has to be changed only every 5 years, with no maintenance or replacement.

Exterior design is astonishing. Regardless of our personal taste, it is clear that designers have actually succeeded in providing a recreational ship of this size with a unique sporty character

amer 110_004-FILEminimizer

Although it is true that the majesty of this yacht is immediately perceptible when climbing on board from the large aft swimming platform through the steps leading to the cockpit or the large protected gangway, it is also true that, on the sea, free from the ropes of the harbour, Unique seems to stretch on the water surface. Her bow sleek lines, the long windows along with the harmonious superstructure whose curved lines create a perfect balance between the lower deck and the rest of the yacht shape an extremely elegant and sharp silhouette. 

Unique features three different decks: the central one, which houses a large saloon accessible from the cockpit, the lower deck, which accommodates three cabins – the master suite and two guest cabins – and the large flybridge that, located just behind the steering console, offers a huge area entirely devoted to relaxation. On the left of the pilot station, a few steps lead to the inner driving console. Interiors, furnished according to the specific requests of the owner, replicate – both in terms of cabins and design – the two previous boats owned by the same Russian tycoon, that is the Amer 92 and the Amer 100. 


Sea Trial

Rodolfo Armerio steers the Amer 110 out of the berth and the complex path within the packed port of Cannes with the only help of the joystickManoeuvrability is excellent. The four pod drives guarantee easy movements in very tight waters that we would never have expected from a hull of this size.

Out of the port, we start our sea trial with a first data collection. The first element we notice is something of subjective nature: the power and progression with which the Amer 110 moves forward in the water are really surprising. Stability, as expected from a boat of this size, is the main strength of the hull that ploughs through the waves of a rough sea in an almost imperceptible manner.

At 1,500 rpm, Unique already touches almost 15 knots – a more than satisfying speed for long-range cruises – with a fuel consumption of almost 227 l/h. Manoeuvres are always soft and gradual with excellent comfort and livability standards. Rodolfo Amerio asks the four pod drives for more power; so, at 2,100 rpm, we reach a cruising speed of about 24 knots.

While sailing under these conditions, we decide to visit the lower decks to collect some impressions. Vibrations are totally absent, noise is almost imperceptible.

amer 110 sea trial 001-FILEminimizer

Then, we reach the steering console again and we ask Rodolfo to test the yacht at the maximum rpm range by sailing against the rough sea: at 2,300 rpm, we register a top speed of 28-4 knots with an extraordinary fuel consumption of just 665 l/h. 

Before coming back to Cannes, we decide to perform a particular test that is usually experienced on smaller boats. We stop the yacht to see the acceleration capacity this motorization is able to offer to the hull: 3-2-1…go! At full throttle, we reach 20 knots in just 11 seconds!

Behind us, Nicola Pomi, Volvo Penta Sales Manager for Italy, Spain and Portugal, is enjoying the sea trial. Sincerely impressed by the performance of the boat, he states: ” That’s a really great performance, made possible by the extraordinary synergy between Volvo Penta and the Technical-Engineering Department of the shipyard. Hull, motorization, materials… everything contributes to achieve this amazing performance”. 

Our sea trial was carried out in the bay of Cannes, with 15-knot wind, rough sea, 12 passengers on board, 100% fuel tank, 50% fresh water tank.

Rpm      Speed (kn)     Fuel Consumption (l/h)

1,000          10                             75

1,500         14.9                          227

2,000          22                           490

2,300         28.4                         665

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