On test. Sacs Strider 15: a powerful and bold maxi rib

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On test. Strider 15, the new Maxi Rib by Sacs Marine


If you think that large-sized inflatable boats are all very similar to each other, the new Strider 15 will convince you otherwise. The pencil of Christian Grande, “majority author” of the Sacs Marine fleet, has given shape and substance to a definitively out-of-the-box Maxi Rib, concentrating class, power and boldness in a single boat completely different from its supposed similars.

When we were given the opportunity to test it, we did not hesitate because there are many beautiful and aggressive Maxi Rubs on the market but only a few ones are so innovative and bold as the Strider 15, which the well-known Italian shipyard has completely redesigned with only one goal: to overcome the previous model in terms of comfort and power.

Something that has not been easy to achieve, since the previous version was already the top of the range, so much so it was very successful among the most demanding owners. Nevertheless, Sacs Marine, you know, never ceases to amaze and here is the new Strider 15 which, for one day, indulges in our notebooks and our dormant adrenaline.

Exteriors: 5-star beach area and stunning spaces

sacs-strider-15-beach-area-e-prendisole-di-poppaIf size matters, especially on board a Maxi Rib, the Strider 15 will certainly satisfy your desire for comfort and relaxation even at high speed.

Indeed, the deck offers impressive spaces, starting from the huge beach area where all the soft and sinuous lines of the boat converge and which takes full advantage of the 5-meter beam.

In this abundant boat section, where the stern platform is mixed with a large sundeck that can be protected by a bimini top supported by two carbon poles, passengers have the feeling of shamelessly relaxing in a beach cabana of a five-star resort.

The cockpit is an open-air lounge, equipped with a large U-shaped sofa, a bar cabinet and two folding tables. In such a comfortable and functionally user-friendly area, six people can have lunch, dinner or a cocktail in total freedom and comfort.


The cockpit is made up of four seats, gathered two by two, and a console equipped with two XL multifunction displays and a multitude of controls dedicated to the most complete boat handling. Positioned in the middle and devoid of lateral supports, the T-Top seems to float above the helm station, greatly lightening the vertical development of the Strider .

Walking along the wide side-decks, interrupted by a double step on each side, you can get the bow, where an additional super solarium makes the happiness of the “tan-addicted”.

Interiors: an open space area worthy of a superyacht

master-cabin-1The luxury spirit that characterize the exterior layout can be found even in the sleeping quarters, where it becomes even more refined.

The materials are of the highest quality, the colour combinations create an exclusive atmosphere and the finishes are worthy of a superyacht.

The lower deck is an extremely comfortable open space that makes this boat a definitively excellent day cruiser.

Two king-sized beds (one on the bow, the other under the cockpit behind the access ladder) and a head with separate shower make the cabin a real modern, elegant and extremely comfortable suite.

Sea Trial: compact pace and a super performing hull

sacs-strider-15-planataWhat we are about to unleash is the the sterdrive version of the new Strider 15, fitted with twin Volvo D6 diesel engines, 440HP each, which have nothing to envy to the three Yamaha XT0 425HP that can be installed in the outboard version. Today, we want to show that the Strider 15 inboard is equally capable of reaching remarkable top speeds.

At 11 knots, without even realizing it, the boat gets up on plane. The standing driving position is really comfortable, the push button panel is so assorted that you just want to press every button  but we are here to see how it is possible to travel on board this masterpiece, so, having verified the excellent driving comfort and the equally extraordinary view, we focus on the numbers of the display, which already marks 2,500 rpm, 27 knots and a fuel consumption of 80 l/h under power. Not bad, I’d say.

On the straight, therefore, we have no difficulty in reaching the cruising speed in a few seconds. Acceleration is linear and the boat is extremely stable. Of course, this morning, the sea is slighlty rough but, even when crossing the return wave, after a couple of turns and a “8” drawn in the water at 29 knots, the sports hull cuts it in two without hesitation, maintaining a perfect balance at every single turn. Then, it immediately gets up in a sinuous way, without tossing around.


Now, it’s time to push the throttles all forward: the tubes do not vibrate, the boat maintains a compact pace and the cockpit is perfectly dry. In short, comfort goes hand in hand with performance. At 3,700 rpm, the boat runs at 40.7 knots. A really stunning top speed for a sterndrive RIB of this size.

We return to the port, fully satisfied with the performance of the new Strider 15. What’s our opinion? Sacs can only create extraordinary maxi Ribs.

Sacs Strider 15: Performance

Rpm Knots L/h L/nm
600 4.8 7.6 1.58
1,000 6.8 19.2 2.82
1,500 9.7 48 4.95
2,000 14.5 84 5.79
2,500 27.1 160 5.9
3,000 29.3 192 6.55
3,600 37.5 294 7.84
3,700 40.7 340 8.35
Min Planing Speed

sacs strider 15

Sacs Strider 15 (inboard version): Technical Specs

LOA 13.65 m
Max Beam 5.02 m
Draft 0.80 m
Tubes 80 cm
Number of compartments
Hull Deep V Hull
Weight with standard engines
10.5 t
Fuel Tank Capacity 1,050 lt
Water Tank Capacity 225 lt
Black Waters Tank Capacity 52 lt
Design Category EC-B
Passengers Capacity 16
Max Power 1,052 kW
Recommended Engines 2 x Volvo D6 440 hp Diesel
Max Speed 42 n
Cruising Speed 28-32 n
Fuel Consumption 90 l/h (28 n)
Range at cruising speed 330 nm
Project Sacs
Design Christian Grande DesignWorks
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