SAGASU, a dreamy 48 meters: Hydro Tec’s new masterpiece

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A super yacht with an Asian soul but a strongly international character, marking the beginning of the collaboration between Piedmont-based shipyard Hydro Tec and its new partner Adam Blackmore, a top strategic player for the Asia-Pacific region as well as co-founder of Iseo Yachting Limited. We are talking about Sagasu, a 48-meter dreamboat, whose name already evokes something both necessary and desired-this is in fact the meaning of the Japanese word with which Hydro Tec and Blackmore decided to name their new masterpiece.

Just by looking at him, Sagasu already appears ready to explore and discover new horizons throughout the blue planet. Indeed, this super yacht offers the volume and functionality of vessels far larger than it, while remaining under the 500 GT limit and effectively embodying all the characteristics of an explorer yacht. Its exterior lines are characterized by classic and traditional features that blend harmoniously with elements of ruggedness and modernity, resulting in a perfect balance of elegance and dynamism. Configurable in four different layouts that offer extraordinary flexibility in terms of length and volume, as well as countless possibilities for customization according to the owner’s preferences, Sagasu is the result of the careful work of a team led by Richard Partington, design director of Hydro Tec, who succeeded in integrating and balancing the various technical and stylistic components while meeting the ambitious goal that this project set for itself.


What Sagasu looks like

A distinctive feature of Sagasu is the design of the overflow windows on the hull, which creates a suspended central island wrapped in glass, guiding the viewer along the entire vessel. A detail that embellishes and underscores the imposing but balanced superstructure is then the thin line that follows and wraps around the top of the yacht, highlighting its features and inviting one’s gaze to travel the entire vessel to reveal its fine details.

Enveloped by its elegant and sinuous lines, Sagasu captures the attention and stimulates the curiosity to explore its interior. The owner’s area features a built-in chaise longue balcony, ideal for lounging and admiring the sea view, while the private owner’s terrace, spanning 70 square meters, is a space to enjoy as a couple or with family. Spectacular floor-to-ceiling windows in the master stateroom overlook the private jacuzzi, a cozy outdoor seating area, and a bathroom area.


Privacy on board is ensured by a carefully designed layout down to the smallest detail. Movement of the substantial crew (up to 11 members) is facilitated by internal stairs connecting the lower deck to the bridge deck, providing direct access to the garage area, open to the bow, which accommodates both the rescue tender and the custom tender for exploration. The mooring area can be directly accessed from this area, providing complete privacy for guests and allowing staff to operate discreetly.

All of Sagasu’s elements have been cleverly integrated to create large and impressive outdoor spaces in both the aft and bow sections. As many as two tenders are conveniently housed in the garage area, allowing guests to enjoy the outdoor areas even when the yacht is in port, while the large beach club has folding terraces that extend out to sea, greatly expanding the usable area. Finally, an infinity pool and a modular arrangement of seating and sundecks create a true marine paradise.

The agreement between Hydro Tec and Blackmore

Sagasu marks the first concrete result of the new strategic partnership between Hydro Tec and Iseo Yachting, a young but established presence in Hong Kong and the Asian scene, the result of the collaboration between the experienced and respected broker Adam Blackmore, with more than 30 years of experience in the field, and Global Yacht Services, a leading yacht management company with over twenty yachts under management and over thirty years of solid experience. This location proves to be strategic for the yacht market in Asia, and the goal of this collaboration is to explore new business opportunities in the dynamic Far East market.

sagasu“I am extremely pleased with the agreement we just concluded with our new strategic partner Adam Blackmore and the business opportunity this partnership opens for our company,” says Sergio Cutolo, president of Hydro Tec. “The expansion of our business into new markets, with a focus on Hong Kong and Asia, represents a significant step in our growth and is an integral part of our strategic expansion plan that will further consolidate our position in the marine industry.”

Also enthusiastic is Adam Blackmore: “I am excited to be working on this strategic partnership with Hydro Tec. Their name is of great prestige and working with their team is truly a positive experience. Having the opportunity to offer our customers and shipyards in Asia such in-depth knowledge and passion is something unique and will enable us to exceed our customers’ expectations. Sagasu is proof of this: I have spent all my years in Asia collaborating and listening to clients, and I have poured this experience into the project. Going through the same process that a client would go through in designing their own yacht was an incredible experience. Of course, my ideas and vision would not have become reality without the experienced team at Hydro Tec, who made it possible to bring this extraordinary project to fruition.”

Concludes Sergio Cutolo, “I am confident that this synergy will lead to extraordinary results and enable us to further consolidate our position in the global market by further strengthening our commitment to excellence in yacht design.”