Vanguard by Sergio Cutolo: the perfect explorer yacht

Sergio Cutolo, Vanguard designer and “conceptual father” of explorer yachts uses a simple yet important concept to explain the philosophy behind the success of this superyachts category.


It’s an ancestral desire that leads the man to navigate, explore and go beyond the horizon line. An innate concept that explorer yachts embody perfectly”.

Sergio Cutolo, whose explorer projects are so many that he has lost track of them (by the way, they are 83 in total), unveils his new masterpiece exclusively for Superyachts. Presented as a tribute to the 25th anniversary of the famous naval architecture and design studio Hydro Tec, it represents the last evolutionary step of the explorer category since it introduces a whole series of absolutely revolutionary aesthetic and functional concepts.

Il Vanguard di Sergio Cutolo

Vanguard Sergio Cutolo

We’re talking about Vanguard, a boat which, with its 65 meters of pure beauty and innovation, goes beyond the traditional concept of superyacht, embodying that instinct for exploration that, from the dawn of time until today, guides the most technical and demanding owners.

There are three cornerstones that make the Vanguard an absolutely unique explorer.

Firstly, the fact of being a real self-sufficient ecosystem.The Vanguard, fitted with hybrid propulsion, is a perfect universe that can sail the oceans Sergio Cutolo explains – However, this explorer yacht does not only represent an important technological achievement but is, also and above all, a high expression of beauty: in the Vanguard, function is perfectly intertwined with design “

Sergio Cutolo

The Vanguard, in fact, combines an extraordinary load capacity and a first-rate design. When cruising around the world, this superyacht can carry a great amount of water toys, two large-sized tenders, a private helipad and even an additional one for “touch-and-go” landings on the bow, thus making the boat totally free from any support need.

The beach club is the second distinctive feature of this project. Simply unparalleled, it offers a large space with heated pool, sauna and massage area that has nothing to envy to the spa areas commonly found on larger superyachts. This area can be enjoyed in both warm and temperate climates due to its transformation capability. The swimming pool and the entire beach club, in fact, can be closed thanks to the folding side of the bathing platform, offering an important advantage, also in terms of safety.

hydro tech vanguard explorer master cabin

The third element is the vertical position of the various decks which create a series of mobile terraces in correspondence with the guest cabins and well above the waterline, while at the same time guaranteeing large spaces in the under-lower deck used as technical spaces and engine room.

With this layout, the lower deck becomes a fully usable deck from the bathing platform to the collision bulkhead, allowing guests of the cabins direct access to the beach area and the spa.

 The sleeping zone consists of four VIP cabins, each with private terrace overlooking the sea and panoramic sliding glass door.

 The flush-deck bow, beautiful in design and with unexpected volumes for an explorer yacht, can accommodate an additional helideck (the other is aft). Interiors also house a master cabin with private office and double terrace, a captain’s office, a skylounge with cinema, a huge saloon, a crew gym and a laundry.

In conclusion, the Vanguard has all you need to enjoy your stay on board and find a safe shelter during this pandemic times.

 Vanguard is an extraordinarily cutting-edge explorer yacht which awakens the exploring nature that is part of all of us.

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