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CMC Home & Yacht Upholstery: where passion meets Made in Italy

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A company with a great historical background that has been creating and customizing indoor spaces for over 100 years, CMC Home & Yacht Upholstery is the perfect synthesis of design, traditional craftsmanship and quality.

Their long activity began in 1918 when Giovanni Nobile, great-grandfather of the current owner Mauro Costantini, opened his first workshop in the province of Udine, where he was mainly involved in repairs for horse and donkey harnesses, which were widely used in agriculture at the time. Through the years, the upholstery work for armchairs and sofas for wealthy families in the area increased, with outdoor curtains, interior decoration, mattresses and tarpaulins for trucks in the immediate post-war period.

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From the 1980s onwards, the workshop turned into a full-fledged upholstery business, and in recent decades the business has also expanded into the boating sector, continuing to combine craftsmanship with the latest industrial processing techniques.

“We took our first steps in the boating sector working on individual projects for private boat owners, gradually expanding our activities to include some shipyards, which we now follow with small productions. All our processing is carried out with the utmost quality and precision, we work with 3D numerical control of the templates, we have about 10 sewing machines and a special new quilting machine – says Mauro Costantini, owner of CMC Home & Yacht UpholsteryOur strengths certainly lie in our attention to the customer, the extreme flexibility in processing and customization; we always try to combine the owner’s requests with production, without compromising on the quality that distinguishes us. With our new quilting machine, we are able to make ten cushions with ten different quilts, following the designs that the owner or shipyard wishes to provide us with.”


A long history of quality,, passion and Made in Italy craftsmanship, what matters most at CMC Home & Yacht Upholstery is that the handmade work has value and that it reflects the customer’s wishes to the full, working in a collaborative atmosphere, where the owner interfaces directly with the company, so that all needs are met in the best possible way.

In the boating field, CMC Home & Yacht Upholstery can make outdoor/indoor cushions, awnings, covers, blackouts, carpets, mattresses, towels and much more.

The Friuli-based company also embellishes and customizes interior parts of boats such as ceilings and walls, covers with anti-UV netting for windows and blackout drapes, windshield covers, and wing covers, trying to give the best possible image to the boat, which in this way also pleases those who live it.

“Ours is an almost tailor-made, bespoke work, which before great quantity looks at great quality and the satisfaction of our customers – says Mauro Costantini, owner of CMC Home & Yacht UpholsteryIn these types of companies, the craftsmanship and the value of quality is usually lost a little bit as time goes by. We try to carry on my great-grandfather’s work as best we can, while also trying to keep it up to date with the needs and technologies of our times. This is the third year that we have been present at the Genoa Boat Show and it is very important for us because it allows us to have many contacts and to meet customers who perhaps really needed us. Next year we will be present at the METS in Amsterdam and probably also at the Cannes Yachting Festival and the Monaco Yacht Show”.