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Custom Yacht: the custom superyachts boutique

Custom Yacht: the custom superyachts boutique 

You may have never thought about it, but the boat is like a suit that the owner must be able to wear perfectly. “This is why, like a tailor who makes tailor-made suits, we too built custom boats”, states Mauro Corvisieri, founder of Custom Yacht.

custom-yacht-boutiqueCustom Yachts is a true custom yacht boutique capable of understanding and grasping the owner’s lifestyle, tastes and needs and, through an exquisitely tailored approach, of forging the superyacht that best suits him, exactly how he wants it, in the smallest details.

Our boats – Mauro Corvisieri explains – are 100% custom and built from scratch, based exclusively on the owner’s preferences. Like in a prestigious boutique, the owner therefore has the opportunity to choose between four great internationally renowned designers and select the “stylist” who, from a stylistic point of view, is closest to his wishes”.

The four “stylists” of Custom Yacht are Sergio Cutolo (Hydro Tec), Marco Casali (Too Design), Giovanni Ceccarelli (Ceccarelli Yacht Design) and Michele Dragoni (Dragoni Design Lab). Their pencils give life to unique and completely custom aluminium and steel-and-aluminium yachts and superyachts.

About Custom Yacht

Mauro Corvisieri’s in-depth knowledge of 100% custom superyachts derives from the long experience in the nautical sector he started in his early age, when his father, a port builder, accompanied him on tugs, and then continued in his youth, when he embarked for a month on board a charter, where he immediately realized the “strategic importance of volumes and livable spaces inside a boat”. After managing a boat rental company, Mauro Corvisieri felt the need to build a reliable and spacious displacement trawler.

custom-yacht-refitIn 2004, with the help of established professionals, he designed, built and sold one. This was the beginning of his prestigious career, which then continued with the specialization in the construction of esclusively custom-made superyachts, built around their owners’ needs.

A boat should be experienced experienced at 360 degrees. That’s why, at Custom Yacht, we pay special attention to both volumes, the owner’s freedom of movement, the crew and the possibility to bring anything you want with you”. Indeed, what makes Custom Yacht unique in its market is the possibility for the owner to design his own boat from scratch, in a influence-free environment.

mauro-corvisieri-projectCustom Yacht, however, not only custom yacht refitbuilds new boats but also deals with the sale of used yachts and superyachts.“Trough our vast network of acquaintances and customers, we can take care of the sale of your yacht in exchange. Furthermore, a small number of boats can be carefully examined and selected by our technical staff, and then inserted into the second-hand market”. This way, the boats are given a second chance and, thanks to Custom Yacht, can embark on a “second life”.

mauro-corvisieri-custom-yachtCustom Yacht is always close to its customers. ” Our attention is not limited to the design, engineering and construction of the boat, but continues over time, trough a complete, careful, prompt and long-lasting assistance service. The company’s services, in fact, also include yacht refitting: the owner who wants to refit his own boat can contact the same designer selected during the design phase, thus giving a layout continuity to the boat”.

Custom Yacht is present in Ancona, Malta, Savona, Marseille, Trapani and Elba Island. Six points located in the Mediterranean for widespread and efficient assistance, based on the extraordinary professionalism of Custom Yacht’s craftsmen and technicians.

Other important services

But the company’s service go beyond. Thanks to a 20-year experience in the nautical and luxury sector, Custom Yacht also offers two exclusive charter services: by helicopter, to comfortably reach your yacht with long-range flights wherever you are, or by private jet, for medium-range flights. Both services are safe and high-quality, with the utmost professionalism and an advantageous price.

Last but not least, Custom Yacht offers many management services, thus offering the owner the possibility to make business with his own boat. “First of all, the customer can pay for part of his new yacht by renting it to us; he can sell charter weeks of his own boat through our sales network; alternatively, can take advantage of a charter boat while we build his new yacht. Many and different solutions are available, as part of a large management system that focuses on the owner and his business needs”.

In short, Custom Yacht builds completely customizable boats from bow to stern, like perfect suits, accompanying the owner in all after-sale phases and meeting his every desire.

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