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GlassRenu makes your yacht’s glass look like new again

The importance of renovation rather than replacement: GlassRenu makes the glass surfaces of yachts and superyachts look perfect again

Long-lasting, efficient, hygienic, recyclable and therefore environmentally sustainable and with a high technological content, glass is an ubiquitous and indispensable element in the nautical world, commonly used for windscreens, hatches, portholes and windows aboard yachts and superyachts.

Not surprisingly, the glass industry has known an important growth worldwide, closed linked to the growing use of this material in the naval sector in particular, as well as in the construction and automotive sectors. It is no coincidence that Assovetro’s statistics confirm the increase in the production of the Italian industry, also in the specific segment of flat glass, which recorded a production of 1,034,234 tons in 2019.

A material of choice for the production of windows and doors, it confirms its ability to offer performance advantages that attest to high quality standards. In fact, the growing demand for architectural glass itself rewards the peculiarities that this materials guarantees: innovative comfort and energy efficiency blend perfectly with aesthetic performance. These solutions require the use of sheets with specific technical characteristics, large dimensions and significant thickness.

glassrenu-prodottoSo, in the shipbuilding industry, the challenge today is to optimize the cost/benefit ratio of using glass, extending the life cycle of glass surfaces before they have to be replaced due to damage caused by errors in installation on board, wear and tear caused by sea salt, weathering or vandalism.

Consider also that, in times of economic downturn, whether real or perceived, the attention of consumer, including yacht and superyacht owners, is always very sensitive to waste reduction strategies. In many markets, where the operating margin available to manufacturers is increasingly shirinking, safeguarding products during installation has become a must.

GlassRenu is the product of choice to meet these needs. It has come to the forefront of the market and is attracting increasing interest from operators in various reference sectors.

One problem, many solutions

Following the usual pattern of many strategic technical inventions, the GlassRenu system is designed to solve a specific emergency. The proven effectiveness of this kit quickly made it the ideal solution for a whole range of problems that can occur before, during and after the installation of a sheet of glass.

The result is a true scalar system, which works dry and allows the intervention to be modulated according to the size and depth of the damage: from oxide and limescale stains, through scratches that can be felt with the fingernail to damage caused by stones, blades and acids. This patent was designed by the American company GlassRenu, for which ADI Srl is the worldwide distributor (with the exception of the US market, where IGP Tools – the US branch of ADI – is responsible for its marketing).

glassrenu-fasiGlassRenu is therefore the ideal answer to surface restoration needs for ship refitting, as well as for glass companies, to solve sheet imperfections on construction sites, for glazed facades, window frames, shop windows, but also urban furinishing structures. “It is certain that, in the oresence of glass that meets certain quality standards, renovating rather than replacing it by adopting the GlassRenu system represents an economic advantage, as well as solving the problem in less time” – says Dino Zandonella, President of ADI.

Working compeltely dry, directly on the installed glass, GlassRenu also restores the surface in much less time than any other alternative system. It eliminates the need to dissamble and reassemble the damaged pane, and also eliminates any risks associated with the handling and integrity of the glass. “The absence of water in the process makes it possible to work in an extremely clean manner, without damaging the surrounding environment and increasing the stability of the tool, while the three different diameters of the abrasive discs make it possible to optimize the work area to the maximum”, continues Dino Zandonella.

To cite just a few examples, glass already installed on cruise ships or yachts that has been damaged as a result of subsequent finishing operations will no longer need to be replaced, but will easily return to its original condition, without the risk of soiling the furnishings and mouldings. The windows of the vehicles themselves can be restored in a short time, without inconvenient downtime and costly replacements.

Unlike other systems, GlassRenu can also be easily used on curved surfaces, representing the perfect solution for windscreens, portholes and boat windows.

Scalar system

The GlassRenu product line consists of:

  • Abrasive discs with 3 different levels of aggressiveness
  • Polishing felt discs
  • Velcro holders for power tools
  • Brightening and cleaning scraper
  • Polishing compound

Training and dedicated consultancy

glassrenu-lavorazioneThe GlassRenu dry system is systematically completed by a highly professional sales network. ADI not only sells a product but also provides all the skills to make the most of its potential, through training courses that can be customized according to the customer’s needs and the solution required.

” In order to guarantee the effectiveness of the intervention and the benefit of the investment, ADI has in fact supplemented its sales network with a perfectly customizable training plan, depending on the specific needs of the customer. The service includes consultancy visits to the production site and will be on hand to develop the necessary training, starting for example from  a basic 4 hours up to training that may require 8 hours. For more complez operations, there is the possibility of a subsequent recall step”, concludes Dino Zandonella.

Every need is met on time: in some cases, for particularly delicate operations. ADI has also provided the necessary skills for the technicians responsible for acrobatic building work. A service that promises maximum efficiency and precision even on board small- and large-sized vessels.

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