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Grande 44M, four decks and infinite space: Azimut’s new superyacht is dreamlike

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It is the largest model ever built by Azimut, a superyacht with four decks that combines visionary design with great technological innovation. Grande 44M was unveiled just a few days ago at the Palm Beach International Boat Show and is poised to join the ranks of the world’s most desirable boats: this is already evident from the fact that five units were sold immediately upon launch. Azimut’s new flagship also pays special attention to the environment: despite its considerable size, it is indeed a “low emission yacht,” designed with environmental sustainability in mind thanks to reduced CO2 emissions.

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The Grande 44M in detail

Concept and exteriors of Grande 44M are designed by Alberto Mancini, while the interiors are crafted by m2atelier, marking their first collaboration with Azimut. This superyacht expresses on four decks – instead of the traditional three – a design with fluid and bold lines that envelop and sculpt significant volumes. This boat offers a unique and unexpected on-board lifestyle for this segment, with its emblematic feature being the Upper Deck, which can be converted into a master deck, featuring rooms with uninterrupted sea views both fore and aft.

The concept is the cornerstone of the stylistic innovation: the decision to move the helm station to the fourth deck in fact frees up the Upper Deck, transforming it into an Owner’s Deck with a master suite and private terrace overlooking the horizon.

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At the stern, Grande 44M reintroduces the Mezzanine Deck with the Sea View Terrace that marked the success of Grande Trideck. However, on Grande 44M, this stage overlooking the sea is made even more unique by the “See Through Pool,” which plays with transparencies to allow for constant contact with the water and create caustic plays that make the beach club even more magical. It is essentially a completely new layout, which allowed the m2atelier architecture studio to create an interior design that balances functionality and aesthetics to prioritize the owner’s experience and offer versatile environments that can be configured according to his desires. Thus, the forward area of the upper deck of the Grande 44M can be set up as a media room for guests or for the owner’s private use, or as a veranda dining area accommodating up to twelve people. In both cases, nearly two-meter-wide windows on each side allow the gaze to roam freely outside, where the forward lounge, thanks to the small firepit, becomes an intimate space from which to watch the sunset over the water.

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Water is the key element of m2atelier’s narrative, capturing its essence to deliver fluidity, dynamism and reflections. The Milan-based studio, distinguished internationally for its creative projects in multiple sectors -from residences to hotels, from retail to product design-introduces a distinctive signature for Azimut, characterized by a clear style accentuated by refined, subtle, and whispered details that seduce with discreet simplicity, far from any form of excessive emphasis.

A low-emission superyacht

In conclusion, Grande 44M is not only a masterpiece of design and lifestyle, but also an object of extremely advanced naval architecture, serving as a milestone in the Azimut’s green route. The yacht is, in fact, also the flagship of the shipyard’s family of “low emission yachts,” which offer a 20 to 30 percent reduction in emissions compared to more traditional naval architectures of similar size.

Specifically, Grande 44M’s innovative ship platform is based on a Dual Mode hull, the introduction of Hull Vane® foil technology, and the Mild Hybrid Plus Zero Emission Hotel Mode system.

  • The Dual Mode Hull, developed thanks to the collaboration between P.L. Ausonio Naval Architecture and Azimut’s R&D department, represents the fusion of two traditional hull types: the forward part is typical of a fast displacement hull, while the part that goes from midship to the stern has a chine typical of planing hulls. The result is a hull providing considerable reduction in fuel consumption and emissions throughout the speed range.
  • Foil technology is being introduced for the first time aboard an Azimut thanks to the collaboration between Hull Vane, a Dutch company that is a global leader in the design of advanced hydrodynamic solutions, and Azimut|Benetti Group R&D, which has gained extensive experience in the design and production of carbon artifacts. The Hull Vane® carbon wing attached to the stern of Grande 44M reduces the stern wave and generates forward thrust, providing further reduction in overall drag as well as dampening of pitch, sway and roll while underway.
  • The Zero Emission Hotel Mode system allows for 4 to 8 hours at anchor with generators off. This technology combines on-board comfort and attention to environmental sustainability, a hallmark of Azimut’s designs that is already available in six other yacht models. On the Grande 44M, this system finds its maximum efficiency in combination with the Mild Hybrid Plus system, a new level of electrification developed by Azimut|Benetti Group R&D in technical collaboration with Asea Nautica, which is now the only system that allows sailing with the generator off with all utilities on, while also producing a surplus of energy capable of recharging the battery pack.

Grande 44M is proof that true innovation anticipates real desires of owners. This is confirmed by the five units sold even before the official presentation of the project, all purchased by Azimut owners who know the value of the shipyard and wish to grow with us” says Marco Valle, CEO of Azimut|Benetti Group.

To admire this marvel in person, unfortunately, we’ll have to wait a little longer. The Grande 44M will be presented to the public only at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2026.