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Guidi expands into the UK with Barrus

Guidi Srl signs an agreement with Barrus for the expansion of the UK market 

Guidi Srl, the well-known Italian company, international leader in the production of nautical accessories, has signed a partnership agreement with E.P. Barrus, the historic British distributor.

The aim is to increase its presence in the United Kingdom, where Barrus, based in Bicester and with over a century of activity behind it, operates in the distribution of technical products in six industrial sectors, among which marine is the most strategic.

Guidi srl accordo con barrus

Barrus is Guidi’s new distributor in the UK and, from the first of July, will become its exclusive distributor.

Guidi and Barrus, together for the English market

Guidi Srl relies strongly on the recovery of the British market, a reality in which the main shipyards have reorganised themselves after several critical moments: the signs of a renewed dynamism are evident and this gives great confidence for a future full of projects.

“We have always been interested in the British market, where we have been present for over thirty years, and we wanted to increase our penetration capacity,” explains Bruno Guidi, Founder of the company. “Thanks to Barrus’ extensive distribution network, we will be able to cover not only the entire pleasure boat sector but also commercial and work boats. We will also be able to expand into other sectors, outside the shipbuilding industry, where our products can be competitive, such as civil plumbing”.

“Guidi is a strategic brand that will add to our offer in the marine sector. – declares Ben Allen, General Manager of the Marine Leisure Division of BarrusWe are happy to be able to work with such a future-oriented manufacturer that has always maintained the highest quality standards. The applications of Guidi products will also extend to other sectors in which we operate, in addition to the marine sector”.

In fact, the proverbial quality of Guidi products finds fertile ground in many other sectors which, like boating, need reliable accessories built to last. A clear example of this is construction and gardening, where the qualities of the Italian manufacturer’s fittings and valves are perfectly suited to the climatic conditions of northern Europe.

valvole e raccordi per la nautica

Coming back to the nautical industry, where Guidi Srl is the undisputed leader in quality accessories for superyachts, sailing and motor boats, we cannot fail to observe that the premises of this agreement are born under the best of auspices.

According to British Marine’s latest figures, the British nautical park can count on over 566,000 boats, of which 216,000 are sailing boats. There are 576 marinas with a total of 95,000 berths in the water, plus over 1,300 slips, testifying to the size of the market for operators.

This is a decidedly interesting market in which the company’s development plans, which include the extension of the Grignasco plant and further renewal of machinery, are well placed, especially in the light of the strong trend in orders in the last quarter.

Guidi Srl, specialised in the production of purification filters, anti-blocking valves, drains, sea intakes, fittings and hydraulic accessories for the nautical sector, closed 2020 with a slight drop in turnover, thus absorbing the effects of Covid without trauma and reaffirming the company’s solidity.

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