Magazzù Targa 45: a revolutionary luxury chase boat

Elegant, innovative and loudly cheeky, the Magazzù Targa 45 welcomes us on board with the American flag hoisted on the hard-top, which in this model with a clear automotive imprint, forms a whole with the pilot-house, the distinctive feature of this revolutionary boat that takes the best from the luxury maxi-rib to offer the comfort of a five-star chase boat.

After having sold the very first model in the United States, the prestigious Italian shipyard has launched a continental preview of the Targa 45, the progenitor of the new line of boats, which joins the famous MX range, and that The International Yachting Media have had the privilege of testing at sea, in absolute exclusivity.

Exteriors: the pilot-house of Magazzù Targa 45

Never to this extent Magazzù has made reference to the aesthetic paradigms of the automotive industry. The Targa 45, in fact, feature futuristic and sporty lines, similar to a supercar’s ones, which reach their maximum expression in the pilot house, positioned amidships.

Magazzu Targa 45

However, the Italian shipyard, specialized in the construction of magnificient Maxi Ribs, not only focuses on layout but also pays particular attention to function. Not surprisingly, the deck plan immediately suggests an important aspect of this boat; on board the Targa 45, beauty and comfort are two sides of the same coin.

magazzu-targa-45-cockpitThe pilot house, accessible through two sliding glass doors, guarantees unparalleled driving comfort. Efficiently protected against external agents without however creating any “isolation effect”, it features a huge windscreen, two side and a rear glass door as well as an opening hard top, providing the pilot with an extraordinarily comprehensive panoramic view and a direct contact with the sea.

Heading out of the enclosed cockpit, we sit aft, where a vast outdoor dinette, sheltered by the pilot house, invites us to take a seat on the large U-shaped sofa that surrounds a genuinely comfortable dining table. While, at the stern, the spaces are devoted to conviviality, the bow is mainly dedicated to relaxation, offering a large sundeck that can accommodate two people in total comfort.

Movement around the deck is facilitated by the wide side-decks that join the cockpit and the solarium, this making the Targa 45 a fully-fledged walk-around boat. Furthermore, the presence of sophisticated courtesy ligths along the synthetic teak walkway give moments of freedom in the open air even after sunset.

Interiors complete with every comfort and a super owner’s suite

DinetteAccess to the sleeping quarters is through the pilot house, on the left of the steering console. Below deck, our expectations in terms of attention to detail and quality of materials, two categorial imperatives at Magazzù, do not disappoint. The spaces are abundantly livable, furnishings are simply flawless and the dinette is really welcoming, equipped with a wide worktop on the left and a convertible corner sofa on the starboard side.

Forward, on the left, the shower-equipped head is separated from the rest of the interiors and offers good headroom.

Continuing forward, we enter the master cabin, equipped with a king-sized bed and made particularly bright by two hatches on the ceiling; featuring surprisingly unsuspected headroom, this large master suite is perfect for medium- and long-range cruising.

Sea trial: racing performances and impressive stability

In Palermo, it is a beautiful early-autumn day. The sea is slightly rough but the east wind seems not to disturb the Targa 45 which, as soon as we leave the port and speed up, rises from the waves and, supported by the high-performance stepped hull that is the trademark of all Magazzù boats, she gets up on plane effortlessly at around 15 knots.

speedDespite a length of over 13 meters, this well-balanced Maxi Rib with almost perfect waterlines keeps the bow parallel to the water surface with a trim that, even at 4,000 rpm, is always stable and safe.

The Targa 45 we’re testing is powered by three Mercury Verado engines, 400HP each. This engine option promises pleasure, power and exciting performance, without upsetting the overall balance of the boat.

We have fun with turns and counter-turns, first soft then more decided but the Targa 45 remains glued on its track and has no intention of letting go.

Magazzu Targa 45

No bumps, no vibrations. All this while traveling just under 30 knots, not at a walking pace. The convenience of staying in the helm station, protected and with an impeccable view, deserves a special mention: the feeling of comfort is that of a yacht, the competitive emotion is that which only a maxi-rib can transmit, always protected from the elements.

Let’s go back to the rev counter, we decide to drive it crazy up to the limit, so we pull down the throttles and push up to 50 knots on the straight. The acceleration is excellent, the progression is crazy, the seakeeping is absolutely perfect. We run over 6,000 rpm, we have exceeded 52 knots and, not satiated, we dare up to 6,300 rpm: top speed 55.3 knots (64 mph), amazing!

In conclusion, the Magazzù Targa 45 has really amazed us, both in terms of performance and comfort on board and, since it’s only the first of a long series, we can’t wait to test the next Targa: this is just the beginning …

Magazzù Targa 45: performances in numbers

RPM Knots
600 3,4
1.000 5,7
1.500 8,5
2.000 11,3
2.500 15,8
3.000 17
3.500 24,7
4.000 31,1
4.500 38,4
5.000 44,7
5.500 49,3
6.000 52,7
6.300 55,3

Boat data sheet

Length 13,3 m
Beam 4,8 m
Cabin 1
Engines Outboards
Power 3 x Mercury Verado 400 hp
Water  360 lt
Fuel  1.000 lt
Type Approval CE-B