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Yachting enters the metaverse with Olimaint and The International Yachting Media

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The yachting industry lands in the metaverse thanks to a partnership between The International Yachting Media and Olimaint. The publishing group, international leader in the digital yachting sector, and the historic Italian multinational operating in the field of augmented reality, have signed an important agreement that sees The International Yachting Media become the exclusive worldwide licensee for the marketing of the metaverse in the boating sector.

metaverso titanic

Founded in 1981 by Giovanni Nicolini, one of the most successful pupils of Adriano Olivetti, Olimaint is the result of the visionary Ivrea-based company whose innovative spirit it still embodies today, excelling in the fields of artificial intelligence, software development, augmented reality and, of course, the metaverse.

Numerous and important spaces, all digitized and available, have been developed by the company for internationally renowned customers. Thanks to this technology, it is in fact possible to visit the reconstruction of the Titanic, walk through the Colosseum at the time of Nero, or enjoy the luxurious ‘Condotti Experience’.

Today, Olimaint operates internationally, with 21 branches and subsidiaries in Bulgaria, Canada, China, France, Germany, Kosovo, Macedonia, Morocco, Montenegro, Paraguay, Russia, Spain, the United States and Sweden. These include the R&D laboratory, the only one of its kind in Italy, where real revolutions have been developed, such as Shadow Sim, Argo and Galileo, and most recently the VRO technology and the Biometric Avatar, presented to the Senate of the Republic.

Luca D'Ambrosio

“Thanks to this agreement, the boating industry will be able to exploit, immediately and very simply, all the potential of the metaverse,” declares Luca D’Ambrosio, founder of The International Yachting Media. “Our six magazines will be the first in the world to be accessible in this mode, a great step forward for multimedia publishing, which reconfirms our digital leadership”.

Outstanding is the setting through which readers will be able to interact with the magazines and content of the publishing group. The amazing beach club of the Vanguard, the innovative 65-metre superyacht explorer designed by Sergio Cutolo, was in fact used for the occasion. A virtual hub of no less than 350 square metres, in which it will be possible to walk, read, communicate or simply admire the videos that will adorn its walls. In this space there will also be a conference room, designed to host events, premieres and presentations, an easy and instantaneous way to connect people and bridge distances.

“Our Hub is just the starting point of this technology: The International Yachting Media will in fact have the privilege of accompanying the boating companies that want to enter this new world,” adds Mr. D’Ambrosio. ” Actually, we can easily imagine how exhibition areas can play an important role in the metaverse, whether they are boat shows or the shipyards’ spaces that, using this technology, can let boat owners visit their creations in an immersive mode, in a way that is strikingly similar to a real visit”.

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“The development of technology in the yachting sector is an important step in a highly technological market such as that of boat and marine equipment production, but just as technology should be available to everyone, we believe that the boating sector should also be accessible not only to buyers, but also to enthusiasts,” adds Massimiliano Nicolini of Olimaint. ” As never before can we say that the future belongs to those with a great past, and this also applies to the initiative created by two companies with over forty years of experience such as Olimaint and The International Yachting Media. In fact, we are certain that the progress of many sectors also depends on the correct use that time and technology make available: just as once upon a time people took part in an exhibition through an invitation that arrived by post, then by fax, then by email, and today by avatar, so the economy presents itself to those companies that see the future as something tangible and that, by taking part in this initiative, will not remain excluded from the times of progress”.

About The International Yachting Media

Founded in 2014 by Luca D’Ambrosio, the 2011 winner of Confindustria’s ICMT technological innovation award, The International Yachting Media group is the world leader in digital yachting publishing. As many as 6 magazines, published in 5 languages, are read every week by over 300,000 users in 200 countries around the globe.

The International Yachting Media is a unique reality in the international nautical publishing scene, a real news broadcasting system that, thanks also to the renowned BOATING NEWS App and the VIRTUAL BOAT SHOW, reaches more than 900,000 views per week.

About Olimaint

After a history of passion and commitment, Giovanni Nicolini, the professional son of one of Italy’s greatest enlightened industrialists, Adriano Olivetti, decided to start up Olimaint in 1981, leaving the company that all employees and long-standing managers called ‘La Mamma Olivetti’, which he had joined as a young boy in 1966 as an ‘apprentice typewriter technician’, for what seemed at the time to be an impossible challenge, namely to fight against the American giants IBM, who had begun to focus their business on services with Ibimaint.

With Olimaint, Mr Nicolini took over maintenance activities throughout the territory, training young people and supporting those who at the time were the intrepid programmers who needed machines that were always working and performing, he created a ‘decentralized’ organization where everyone works for the good of society in a grouping of skills in different forms and in different countries.

Forty-two years later, Olimaint is tackling the challenges of the new millennium with strength and tenacity, and has become the protagonist of what we now call the ‘digital revolution’, operating throughout Italy with a network of 168 exclusive dealers covering the entire domestic market, in addition to its presence in several European and non-European countries, and a national structure of 21 branches.