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Vanguard: to “explorer” the world onboard a SPA

Vanguard is a 65-meter-long Explorer Superyacht equipped with hybrid propulsion and a SPA that can be used even in the most extreme weather conditions on the planet.

Released Vanguard’s new renders, Hydro Tec’s twenty-fifth anniversary celebratory project, a design studio always capable of great innovative thrusts, with a particular focus on the beach club, a flexible and usable space even with the planet’s most extreme climatic conditions.

Vanguard includes all the experience in integrated design, gained in over 25 years of Hydro Tec, where creativity, architecture and engineering find maximum expression.

Indoor environments must be in direct communication with the outside; at the same time all outdoor areas must be able to convert to be able to use them even in cold climates. In short, they must be versatile, flexible, suitable for use in all weather conditions.

Vanguard is precisely the result of this modern conception, offering an articulated and flexible lay-out, with an ideal circulation on it, that avoids fixed paths and duplicated areas.

The regulatory requirements have been bent to the architectural needs, emphasizing one of the strengths of Hydro Tec itself, the ability to analyse every project in its entireness, without overlooking any aspect of the design spiral.

“Nowadays, the interiors and exteriors of a megayacht are lived seamlessly, a homogeneous path in which you can not ignore a perfect integration between the various spaces.” says Sergio Cutolo

Vanguard: the explorer seen from a SPA

This continuity allows, for example, guests to access the Beach Club directly from their cabins, without having to cross the Main Deck or the others exterior decks.

But this explorer superyacht is also a floating spa. In fact, the pool area can be enclosed with sliding glass windows, which gives the possibility to use the pool in both very hot and very cold climates.

The tender area, located on the main deck, is another space adaptable to different life situations; once the tenders heve been launched, in fact, can be turned into a covered terrace, just like the heli-deck.

The wide spaces of this area allows you to embark many tenders and toys, a fundamental feature for an explorer yacht, born with the idea to cruise for long periods without touching land and in areas of the world poorly equipped for traditional yachts.

Vanguard undoubtedly represents a step forward in the concept of superyacht.

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