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Michele Marzucco: Quick and boating innovation

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Boating industry protagonists: Michele Marzucco

It is difficult to think of boating innovation without immediately associating it with one of Quick Spa products. Boasting a global distribution and a boundless production, with all items designed and manufactured in-house, the company is a true hive of ideas.

But, while the reputation of this company has now reached every corner of the globe, only few know its founder, the man who, starting from scratch, has built and made it so great and famous over the years.

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Michele Marzucco is a particular man who, endowed with a great creativity and despite the global success of his company, has managed to remain a genuine and grounded person.

It is in this solid realism that Michele Marzucco’s creative vein and his innate ability to look ahead and conceive products that will become necessary in the near future are grafted on.

This is, for example, the case of the well-known range of gyro stabilizers which is quickly conquering the world.

Michele, how important has innovation been for the development of Quick Spa over the past 30 years?

“ Innovation has always been a distinctive element and a determining factor for us, resulting from our primordial experience as installers that made us immediately understand how the boating sector had been at a standstill from an innovative point of view for too long.

Innovating the products already available on the market was an important need for boating operators who were asking for an easy-to-install, easy-to-set and customer-oriented product.

We have always worked in this direction, investing time and resources in research and development with the aim of achieving increasingly technological, innovative and user-friendly solutions, with special focus on both innovation and usability”.

Innovating also means making important financial investments. How does this weigh in percentage terms on the budget of a company that continues to create new products?

Our corporate vision is to respond to the market requests, interpreting needs and bringing innovation. But investing does not only mean creating new products, it means many things: updating products already existing in the catalog, seeking new production methods to guarantee ever higher and excellent quality, inserting qualified personnel able to raise the company’s know-how, making internal company processes more efficient.

A great example of innovation recently achieved by our company was the introduction of our management system”.

Some time ago, you told me that the pandemic worried you not so much for its effects on boating as for the delays it could generate in transport. What have you done in that situation?

At the first signs of the pandemic and its first consequences in the Far East, we promptly analyzed and restructured our 2020 procurement plan, accelerating and anticipating the majority of deliveries of semi-finished products and electronic components. We immediately put in place stringent rules of behavior and individual prevention to avoid company blockages and worked continuously to anticipate the production of all product ranges as much as possible. We kept our logistic departments open for receiving goods and providing technical assistance. “

Virtual Show Room Quick Spa
The brand-new Quick Spa Virtual Show Room

Quick is a global company that manufactures and trades a very large range of products. How important has it become to be present in multiple markets for the security and stability of your company? Could we say that this also represents a barrier against the entry of new competitors who could not replicate your guarantees of solidity in the face of shipyards’ requests?

Quick Spa is the first manufacturer to market its products, but our organizational structure also rewards this second and important distinctive trait. Our subsidiaries in England and the United States are the great result of the corporate imprinting that has always distinguished us; the pandemic has given further proof of how vital this has been for us for two reasons: proximity to customer shipyards and promptness in responding all product requests, despite the historical moment. “