NOLIMITS: Rossinavi has launched its new brand

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A new brand, five yachts from 30 to 45 meters, and many outstanding features that enable long-distance sailing with maximum comfort and autonomy. It is called NOLIMITS and is the new brand launched today by Rossinavi, which relied on a live streaming press conference to present its ambitious new project.

After four decades as a full-custom manufacturer, it is time for Rossinavi to launch a new brand that aims to cover a new market segment“, began Federico Rossi, Chief Operating Office of the Tuscan shipyard. “The intent is to offer the same key features of a superyacht in sub-500GT hulls, using our know-how to overcome any limitations“.

nolimits 45
NOLIMITS 45+, the largest model in the fleet

Designed by Studio Fulvio De Simoni, NOLIMITS yachts combine a high attention to technical aspects and an extraordinary level of comfort and luxury to present a fascinating and stylish attitude, combining the character of an explorer with the grandeur of a superyacht. All this makes the NOLIMITS yachts a hybrid category with few equals in the market, suitable for a family size and able to offer an excellent sailing feeling, also thanks to the length exceeding market standards.

Reasonable distribution of space, separate areas for guests and crew, stability, comfort and safety are among the strengths of the NOLIMITS fleet,” Rossi stressed, ” which is designed to balance technology and functionality in an all-in-one yacht.


What NOLIMITS superyachts look like.

NOLIMITS superyachts are currently divided into five models: 30, 37, 37+, 45 and 45+. The two Plus versions are distinguished by the presence of an additional upper deck.

yacht nolimits

Of the first released images of the embarkations, most striking are the huge panoramic windows, which allow full sea views and generate excellent natural light in the interior spaces. The environment most deeply connected to the water is the beach club, which is accessed by descending the various deck levels to find yourself in a very welcoming and convivial space to experience during the days of sailing.

Literally huge is the sun deck on the upper deck, where a variety of activities can be enjoyed throughout the day, thanks to equipment that can include a swimming pool, American bar, barbecue and sunbeds. The Plus versions of the NOLIMITS yachts also have an extra deck, designed for the purpose of providing a larger interior space with a panoramic and very pronounced view of the sea-a true sky-lounge with 360-degree windows. At the owner’s option, the upper deck can also accommodate the VIP cabin with a private outdoor space.

The main aspect of NOLIMITS yachts is the “Pro” philosophy, which stands for “Professionals” but also stands for the acronym for “Performance, Realiability, Optimization.” Explained Rossi: “This means that these are boats for extreme uses, thanks to the hull and superstructure constructed entirely of aluminum, which are solid and lightweight to ensure excellent performance and extraordinary strength. In addition, this material is 100% recyclable and has a naturally homogeneous structure“.

Finally, on the mechanical side, the NOLIMITS fleet is equipped with two independent rudders designed to optimize redundancy and improve maneuverability, a dual stabilization system, and axles connected to bearings instead of directly to gears. All this, Rossinavi says, is part of a unique “Zero Noise” technology that reduces noise and vibration caused by the engines, ensuring maximum comfort and quiet on board.

NOLIMITS yachts are designed for long-distance sailing. The capacity of fuel and water tanks, as well as garbage and black and gray water storage, ensures that one can stay very long on the open sea without stopping at any marina, even for an Atlantic crossing, without sacrificing lifestyle.