Ocean Alexander at flibs

The Ocean Alexander 28 Explorer Celebrates its Florida Shores “Home Sweet Homecoming” 

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Ocean Alexander 28 Explorer: standing ovation at FLIBS.

Ocean Alexander ’s exquisite 37L, 35R and 30R luxury motor yachts commanded their own round of applause this October at FLIBS, but the special guest at the five-day nautical fest was the remarkable 28E. The “E” stands for Explorer – the third line that runs from 90 to 150 feet (27.7 to 45.7 meters) in its series behind the Revolution and Legend – and could not have been titled any more appropriately.

Ocean Alexander at flibsAn Explorer, by textbook definition, travels for the purpose of discovery. As defined in the eyes of the Taiwanese shipbuilder, its Explorer affords adventurists an opportunity of endless freedom to rove the countless unchartered coves around the furthest corners of the world.

Coincidentally, “one of those coves in one of those corners” Down Under in Australia hosted the southern hemisphere world premiere of the 28E at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show this past May. Although, seeing the line got its start and was originally incarnated in the fall of 2020 at FLIBS – to many, the Explorer is American at heart, and it was a “home sweet homecoming” to have her back on South Florida shores.

But no matter her nationality, the Ocean Alexander 28 Explorer left locals in awe, so much so, one particular attendee was impressed to the point of purchase. When the International Yachting Media team caught up with Sally Doleski at the Thursday evening VIP launch party, the vice president of marketing courteously confirmed that hull No. 3, the precise yacht we were dipping empanadas in cilantro sauce and sipping champagne in celebration of, was just sold.

Good news continued to flow from Doleski when she next mentioned we could expect to see the forth unit at the upcoming Miami Show. Then I heard the words, “Please, hop on board.” And with that, I excitedly obliged. The time arrived for my one-on-one with the brainchild behind naval architect Giuseppe Arrabito and design partner Evan K. Marshall, a name synonymous with Ocean Alexander.

The Ocean Alexander 28 Explorer Game Plan

sky loungeTheir game plan was to have a huge outdoor area with an array of amenities, paired with an equally large interior… all with the intention of creating a pleasurable experience for playful days in the bays and prolonged passages to the next port. So, once you understand the idea behind the plan, three clear-cut standouts on the 28E become evident: the versatility of an open aft deck; the all-around wow-factor found on the sky lounge level; and the heavenly panoramic seascape enveloping the entire interior from the gigantic glass panes.

To start, the expansive 300-square-foot space with fold-down starboard-side terrace delivers sun-seekers right up to the rippling surf surrounding the super-sized swim platform. And for friends and family members with the “sunbathing is boring” mindset, there’s a port side marine hoist to help lift and launch the water-sports toys to keep the high-energy set entertained. Plenty of storage possibilities were also incorporated into the layout, in order to keep all that adventure gear nearby.

The second standout could in fact be looked at, as the lifesaver of the party on those days when the stormy weather sets in. Lamentably, guests can’t be guaranteed good weather all the time, but they can be guaranteed a good (and dry) time by gathering on the enclosed sky lounge. What’s more, just outside the door, the penthouse-inspired sundeck is chock full of entertainment options. Not only is there a wet bar, barbeque grill, and Jacuzzi… the deck is equipped with a removable shade system ready to be used for any occasion, including those inclement invasions.

indoor diningLastly, when stepping into the contemporary styled saloon of light oaks and neutral tones with furnishings by the Italian Poltrona company, remarkably… each person’s “peaceful reaction to the serenity felt from the floor to ceiling windows” is actually the main attraction. And thanks to the signature vertical bow on the towering hull, the impressive vistas continue to captivate on the lower deck, which encompasses design aspects usually only designated for mega-yachts.
For example, volume has been increased to the point that, you can walk around the king-size island bed, ponder what to wear in the walk-in closet, and warm your feet on the heated marble floor in the stone-clad master head.

The moonshine master cabin

Yet, in addition to the aforementioned accouterments, the best view of all onboard the 28E might possibly be the nighttime moonshine through the clear roof panel and frameless side windows. Not only do you feel like a star in the master cabin, instead of counting the customary sheep to help you fall asleep – the 28 Explorer offers you the opportunity to count the shining stars twinkling above your head.Ocean alexander master stateroom