Riva Cortina

Riva celebrates its 180th anniversary with a new exclusive space in Cortina

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Riva, a brand of the Ferretti group, chooses Cortina d’Ampezzo as a truly refined location to celebrate its 180th anniversary and inaugurate another of its exclusive spaces, the Riva Privée.
At Riva there is Riva-Privée-Cortina-anniversaryan almost unbreakable nautical paradigm, whose terms speak of exclusivity, great performance and safety at sea. So the famous brand, founded in 1842, brings its logo with the indistinguishable cursive of the Riva class to the Dolomites, in a really special location. It is the perfect choice to start this 2022.
Riva has always created luxury yachts in an extension that today goes as far as fifty-metre superyachts. There’s the productivity with limited numbers of examples that confirm endless craftsmanship. And there is the exclusivity to which the Sarnico-based shipyard is committed in order to offer owners the very best.
From the subalpine calm of the lakes, to the Alps of Cortina d’Ampezzo, the Riva scenario turns in search of a renewed beauty, to give shape not only on the sea but also on land. And it does so with that chic sense of prestigious environments all to be experienced and that enrich the senses. This is the Riva experience: an experience to be enjoyed in a truly stunning setting.
The Riva Privée is, in the broadest sense of the word, a lounge, a theatre for encounters and alchemy to be savoured, which declaims the company’s philosophy with style. The Riva Privée in Cortina d’Ampezzo is also the perfect place to transfer memories of sailing to a different dimension, at high altitude, with the crisp air stimulating ideas in search of that balance of opposites, stretched between sea and mountains.

The Riva Privée in Cortina d’Ampezzo

Riva-Privée-Cortina d'AmpezzoThe exclusive space has been set up at the very refined resort, Cristallo Luxury Collection & SPA, where Riva meets the cultured tradition of an exclusive place whose geometries are inspired by art nouveau.

They explain in the marketing corridors of the company that “the Riva Privée at the Cristallo is a temporary space that will welcome guests in the Stube 1872, the famed  restaurant where chef Marco Pinelli has created a special Riva menu ranging from traditional Cortina  d’Ampezzo cuisine to flavours evoking the sea”.

The exterior is framed by the soft pink colour of the Dolomites, but the Riva Privée offers nautical class, arousing all the emotion of an almost marine decor inside. This is reflected in an exceptional lounge where fabrics, decorations, warmth and the scent of ebony stand out. And other unique details recall the typical grooves of the boat decks, designed in the shipyard in Sarnico. And shiny models of the boats, where you can immerse yourself with your eyes. Everything is reminiscent of the design of Riva’s iconic yachts.
This refined old-time club, where owners, gentlemen and yachting enthusiasts can meet and get to know each other, is just one of the Riva Destinations in the world. There are several, but each is a dream in itself. Ischia has a Riva Privée in the Danì Maison restaurant, where flavours revolve around the art of Michelin-starred chef Nino di Costanzo. The Riva Privée in Formentera is a place to enjoy all the glamour of the Balearic Islands. And Paris has its own space at Splash in Port Van Gogh. Without forgetting the famous fourth floor of the Montecarlo Yacht Club, home to a Riva Lounge.
Last but not least, the Gritti Palace in Venice houses a Riva terrace from which to look out over the Grand Canal and observe that marvellous dream made up of Made in Italy yachts.