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Tecnomar Evo 120: harmony and philosophy

Seen from beyond the keel hidden by the abyss, the Tecnomar EVO 120 emerges from the compact sea in a streamlined geometry with decisive yet moderate characteristics, almost like a “V” lying horizontally on the stretch of water where the apex of the linesTecnomar Evo 120 meets the slender bow, which in turn heads decisively towards the absolute horizon between sea and sky. On that “V”, which is also a praised symbol of victory, is the very spacious sundeck with an exclusive lounge area where the liquid element continues to play a leading role, even on board, contained as it is in the “infinity” pool. With a cruising speed of 18 knots and a top speed of 20, this superyacht can certainly be defined as a fast superyacht for daily outings. Over 36 meters long, the yacht was delivered in these days and is the confirmation of that Tecnomar Evo 120aesthetic philosophy of essential and sophisticated luxury” that Tecnomar, a brand of The Italian Sea Group, seems to flaunt with a certain pride. In proof of the much-appreciated display of such magnificence, which adds to a body of 289 yachts launched since 2009, is another much talked-about, gutsy yacht: the futuristic Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63, inspired by the total sportiness of the famous supercar brand founded in the Sixties in Modena.

Tecnomar EVO 120: soft contrasts

The Tecnomar EVO 120 is a far cry from this highly original automotive co-branded project, because in its elegance with its sleek, well-marked lines, combined with the contrast of the dark windows on the white hull, the Tecnomar ECO 120 is a superior, “classic” style yacht with a refined design whose pencil has blended everything into “whispering tones” with great class.

bagno superyachtThe yacht introduces itself to the public by trying to instil a sense of “rarefied atmospheres” set in a dimension somewhere between the romantic and the near and palpable future. In order to read, and therefore imagine “on”, what the daily routine would be like on board this nautical gem, one must imagine living at sea surrounded by “decisive geometric lines that blend with more sensual curves to create a perfect balance of forms and give life to a relaxed yet decisive decor, in which the overall harmony is given by the combination of elements skilfully fused into an unquestionably exclusive unicum”.

At least that’s how the deus ex machina creators of Tecnomar talk about it, the creators of a boat that is unrivalled in terms of beauty and, above all, liveability of its exterior. “The minimalist forms find their counterpoint in the use of precious, refined materials, luxurious but discreet handcrafted finishes and in the skilful mix of soft, relaxing colours for fabrics and upholstery. The mood is light, fresh and contemporary, but it can also be enveloping and warm, like a day at sea“. The hull and superstructure are in aluminium, lowering the specific weight of the boat and leaving it free to gravitational pull of the sea, which is dominated by rigorous aerodynamics.




page2image1674368 page2image1684768

Length overall

page2image1688304 page2image1651072


36.6 m


Beam max

8.0 m


page2image1678320 page2image1679984

1.30 m


Gross Tonnage

250 GT approx

page2image3683328 page2image1630688

Hull & Superstructure Material

page2image1698288 page2image1687472


Aluminum alloy



page2image1685392 page2image1679152

RINA: CHullMach Y(Ch), REGYC Part A Compliant (Short Range)


Flag Authority

Cayman Island

page2image1678112 page2image1633808

Owner and Guests (quantity)



page2image1685600 page2image3682288

Crew (quantity)

page2image3692272 page2image1698080




Main Engines

2x MTU 12V2000 M96L (1432 kW @ 2450 RPM)

page2image1661472 page2image1696416

Gear Reduction

page2image1685808 page2image3693104


2 x ZF 3000 series



2 x FPP

page2image1662928 page2image3684368

Max. Speed (at 100% Max. Power)

page2image3694768 page2image3678336


20 knots @ trial load ±5%


Cruising Speed (at 85% Max. Power)

18 knots @ trial load ±5%

page2image1686016 page2image3680832

Max range @ 10 knots

page2image1692880 page2image1693712


1,800 miles ±5% (with extra fuel)


Main Diesel Generators

2 x 50 KW, 400 V 50Hz 3ph

page2image3684576 page2image1697040

Bow Thruster

page2image1697248 page2image1698704


30 kW Electric 400V-50Hz approx.


Stabilizer Fins

page2image3702256 page2image3699344

Underway and ‘at anchor’ condition (zero speed)



page2image5105616 page2image3678544



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