Luca D'Ambrosio

Editor-in-Chief and Journalist. With more than 30 years spent in the publishing industry and 20 sailing and racing with his boats Luca have a very deep working nautical knowledge.

MCY 105, a 32-meter long dream

Among the superyachts exhibited at the Monaco Boat Show this year, there was also the flagship of Monte Carlo Yachts: the MCY 105. This is a boat that has undeniable qualities in a segment, that of superyachts, where design research, aimed at impressing, often comes at the expense of rationalisation


GS 80 Custom. The new Cantiere Del Pardo maxi yacht sea trial

It’s called GS 80 Custom and it’s the very first of a new series of boats that Cantiere del Pardo wanted to offer its owners a high level, custom and semi custom yachts, up to eighty feet in length. Able to amaze by introducing superbly beautiful boats, when this shipyard


The International Yachting Media Digest: the multimedia boating magazine

Link to The International Yachting Media Digest The first question for an editor when dealing with the creation of a new medium is certainly about the benefits it will offer to its readers. It’s just following this principle that, 5 years ago, I started what is now the world’s most


Feadship launches the 58-metre Najiba

Distinguished and elegant, with a unique beauty all of her own, the 58-metre Feadship Najiba certainly lives up to her name, meaning ‘noble’. Designed as a family super-yacht for experienced owners, this latest scion of the Feadship fleet blends sleek and minimalist exterior lines with a detailed, high-end interior. Having owned several yachts,


Benetti: three Mega Yachts for a unique parade

It’s not everyday, actually it never happens to see three masterpieces, three symbols of the Italian boating industry, parade all together to the pleasure of spectators. It was a spectacle that left the City of Livorno and even the Benetti shipyard itself speechless. Everyone there was amazed, bewitched and, above


Azimut Grande 35 METRI

Yachts are dream items. And it’s strange to think how the concept of dream itself is often repressed by the respect for traditional beauty standards, very often too similar to themselves. It’s as if yachting industry is inevitably forced to express creativity moving inside preset, certain, conventional, classic limits. Like when


Benetti Se77antasette. Fernando Romero bring superyachts into the future

Yachting design follows a very particular evolution and wallows in long standstill periods where, rather than delighted by novelties, beauty standards are simply restyled and updated although generally welcomed as up with the times in that specific historical moment. Real leaps forward take shape only rarely, every twenty years or more. They are simple quantum leaps