Benetti Se77antasette. Fernando Romero bring superyachts into the future

Yachting design follows a very particular evolution and wallows in long standstill periods where, rather than delighted by novelties, beauty standards are simply restyled and updated although generally welcomed as up with the times in that specific historical moment.

Real leaps forward take shape only rarely, every twenty years or more. They are simple quantum leaps as they are not so remarkable to let whatever precedes them as immediately “classic”.

The last leap forward, in fact, dates back to more than twenty years ago and it can certainly be attributed to the Brenta-Bressani duo that provided both sailboats and powerboats with such pure refined lines that all the rest aged 100 years in one single day. 

Even today, most of us, maybe forgetting the origins of these lines, abuse the word “innovation” when they relate to hulls that, if you look closely, still replicate the lines of the successful Wally Power series.

This long premise is absolutely necessary to fully understand the scale of the leap forward we witnessed just a few days ago when, during Benetti‘s press conference at the opening of the Monaco Yacht Show, the innovative concept of the new Benetti Se77antasette was officially unveiled. We don’t think it’s an exaggeration to define it as the new leap forward in the history of yachting design.

Fernando-Romero benetti-se77antasetteFernando Romero has literally smashed all classical schemes imposing a rigid horizontal deck structuring, he has destroyed the angular scheme of intersections and, with embarrassing facility, he has made the complex structures of recreational ships more fluid and harmonious, by gently linking the different decks with each other and creating unique environments that were simply unthinkable until today. 

But if you think that this design traces a clear line with the past, you’re totally wrong as these lines represent the synthesis of the hallmarks of the yachts that have shaped Benetti Yachts‘ history. Romero has picked and harmonized them within a style that characterizes the intersection of decks in the Benetti 77. This dynamic union is sculpted from the yacht superstructure , openly inspired by the deep relation between nature and marine environment.

” Se77antasette is the result of analyzind the DNA of Benetti and thinking further on the possibilies that new technologies have enabled, allowing us to create an entirely new “yachting experience”. The sinous lines and contiguous spaces have engendered a seamless and sophisticated ecosystem of programs and connectivity“ states FR-EE Founder Fernando Romero. 

“This extraordinary cooperation has seen FR-EE and Benetti Yachts put their skills together in order to build a cutting-edge superyacht and a new craft for the 21st century”.

The Benetti 77 features an uncompromising design. Benetti engineers have indeed developed a solution where all the superstructures normally destined to accommodate radar equipment are invisible. For this purpose, they have worked with leading aerospace and marine suppliers to devise a a completely new way to discretely integrate the nagivation equiment into a glass dome, without compromising yacht controls or the safety of the owner, their guests or the crew. 

Vincenzo-Poerio benetti-se77antasetteThe major difficulty was to make an already excellent product even better”, an extremely satisfied Benetti Yachts CEO Vincenzo Poerio claims.

If the identity of our shipyard was already universally assimilated to that of a sophisticated luxury product, the Se77antasette elevates yachting to a higher dimension than we’ve ever seen before, drawing on Romero’s skills and Benetti Yachts’ know-how”.

Five Caterpillar generators will transmit their electric power to pods which the superyacht will be equipped with. This will result into a lower environmental impact and much more space on board. The engine room, in fact, will be accommodate on a single level while the lower deck will be exclusively dedicated to cabins. A top speed of 16 knots is predicted and will be good to reach 5,000 nm at 12 knots. 

Situated at the forward area of the main deck, the master suite is 100-square metre apartment, with an extraordinary 140 square-metre private outdoor space for the owner to enjoy  in complete seclusion. This area is equipped with a private swimming pool that, when necessary, can become a helipad.

77 metres long, Settantasette features a width equal to the sum of the two numbers, that is 14 metres.

This wonderful vessel welcomes up to 12 guests on board , with accommodation for 19 crew members on the lower deck. 

However, the Benetti Se77antasette is not a simple concept. She is a completely developed project that has already obtained all the necessary preliminary authorizations to let building start.


To see the Se77antasette on the sea, we only have to wait that a wealthy owner falls in love with her, which is not hard in our opinioni. After her launch, yachting will never be the same, having finally experienced the real quantum leap forward.