Magazzù MX-14 Classic

Magazzù MX-14 Classic : that’s how the quintessence of beauty sails

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Magazzù MX-14 Classic

If there was a way to synthesize the quintessence of the beauty of a Maxi Rib, this would be undoubtedly be a shot of the Magazzù MX-14 Classic.

Magazzù-MX-14-ClassicThe MX-14 is not a boat for everyone. Very popular among VIPs and celebrities, this yacht is designed for a few demanding and refined admirers of good living, or luxury lifestyle if you prefer, of which it perfectly embodies all characteristics.

However, the Magazzù MX-14 Classi is not only a beautiful yacht since, behind her luxury image, she hides high-end technological content and manufacturing which allow her to be classified as one of the best Maxi Ribs in the world.

It is therefore not difficult to imagine how staying two days on board the Magazzù MX-14 Classic was not just work for us but, also and above all, a personal pleasure.

Magazzu MX-14 Classic Sea Trial

Encountering the Magazzù MX-14 Classic in Mondello is a special gift. Maybe that’s why, while I give Claudio Magazzù the equipment and climb on board, I feel very excited. You cannot remain unsensitive to such great charm that, amplified by the morning light, perfectly illuminates one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen.

Magazzù MX-14 Classic navigazioneThe MX-14 we’re about to test is owned by a famous actor who is also an experienced sailor and a historic client of the shipyard. He has chosen to fit the boat with its ideal engine option, that is the one made up of twin Volvo Penta D6 engines, 400HP each. Customization is one of the main strengths of Magazzù. In addition to the engine option, which could reach up to 1,200HP in this specific case, the owner can also choose many other details. The shipyard, in fact, creates truly full-custom boats, designed around the client’s needs.

The owner has largely customized this Magazzù MX-14 Classic, which clearly shows he’s an expert. He has equipped her with many smart solutions, including a submersible electrically-operated bathing ladder and an equally electric awning which extends and covers the whole cockpit. By choosing the above-mentioned engine option, he has also equipped this 14-meter boat with a steering joystick system which significantly facilitates handling.

And it’s precisely by using the joystick that we easily get out of a very difficult berth and start to sail.

The steering console is ergonomic and the angle of the windscreen does not hinder what is a practically perfect visibility. I put the gas throttles in “single lever” mode and start to accelerate slowly.

At the displacement speed – the most difficult one for a Maxi Rib – the MX-14 sails in total comfort without never loosing precision. This is a walking pace that, for a boat which will sail among the most beautiful beaches and the most exclusive ports, is very important.

I go on accelerating and, much earlier than I expected, at just over 10 knots, the yacht amazes me, gets up on plane and delivers a very clean trail. I let the plane take place and then I take a look at the instruments, we are sailing at 12 knots and it is as we were suspended on an air cushion.
Magazzù MX-14 Classic navigazione visto dallalto

 have already tested other Magazzù yachts, I know that the shipyard represents the highest experience in the design of stepped hulls but this….this is really a superhull.. And, indeed, as the speed increases by just 400rmp more, we’re sailing at more than 20 knots.

At this speed, we’re consuming just 60 l/h in total, which clearly suggests that this is an extraordinary hull with minimal resistance to advancement, especially considering that this 14-meter yacht has a weight in running order of 8 tons. It is no coincidence fuel consumption is one of the main reasons why people choose Magazzù.

More and more curious, I push throttles forward. The Magazzù sprints forward and, in a matter of seconds, reaches a little more than 45 knots while I, sitting as if I were at home, remain dazed in the face of the impressive stability of this yacht.

I release pressure  on the steering wheel, my knuckles return to their pink color and then, slowly, I perform a turn at maximum speed. The maxi Rib reacts with its usual precision, tilts a bit and draws a fantastic turn on the water.

I slow down up to 35 knots, the maximum cruising speed, and start to get into it, trying to put the Magazzù MX-14 in difficulty. I turn quickly and heeling increases, the Rib shows no sign of drooling in the wake. I counter-turn but the only effect I get is the fun of the passengers who, like me, are enjoying it to the full.

 illuminazioneI reduce the turn radius and the speed, due to the effect of lateral friction, decreases to 28/29 knots. Now I am in a perfect circle, with a diameter of no more than 20 meters, I am about to meet the waves of my wake. I warn the crew to hang on but … but nothing, we pass on our own waves without shocks, without impacts, we simply cross the waves and continue.

I tighten the turn radius hard and leave the rudder. The Magazzù continues her “round race” without making a plissé, she seems on the tracks.

I go on, I know that this is not a racing Maxi Rib but, believe me, I have never seen such a high-perfoming one.

I slow down and, at around 25 knots, I head for Mondello where we will pass the rest of the day.

At anchor, the deck

Once arrived where the water is transparent, we drop the anchor in little more than 3 meters of water and become familiar with the boat in its most important configuration of use.

With the push of a finger, we extend the awning and, despite a temperature of over 30 degrees, the shade and the sea breeze create a situation of “natural air conditioning” which makes the stay on board very pleasant.


The large wet bar positioned under the awning contains a huge refrigerator, from which small bottles of water begin to come out at sidereal temperatures that give relief to us and to the occupants of the support boat who, in the meantime, have reached us.

Now, we are seven on board but, given the dimensions of the Magazzù MX-14 Classic, everyone finds a place in the shade without problems. The U-shaped sofa in the cockpit can seat at least six people without problems while two removable tables serve them with their cup holders. Behind the sofa there are two giant sundecks which, separated by a central walkway, allow two people to sunbathe in maximum comfort.

At the foot of the sundeck, we find what, more than a bridge, is a true private beach area. The huge surface of this zone is, in fact, further amplified by the presence of a beautiful electric bathing ladder which, at the pressure of the electric servo control, extends and, at will, reclines to form a descent ladder to the sea of a unique beauty.

Forward, another large sundeck complete a deck which, without exaggerating, has the same functions and dimensions than a yacht of at least 50 feet in length.


Magazzù-MX-14-Classic-interniI take my camera and start exploring the interiors of this Magazzù MX-14 Classic. I open the sliding door for the first time and I remain speechless. At my feet there is what is much more like a luxury loft of an apartment in the center than the interior of a maxi Rib.

Once below deck, I can fold the ladder and make it disappear, further increasing the feeling of space that this space gives. A galley on the left and a sofa on the starboard side, both L-shaped, frame a corridor leading to the bow cabin.

On the left, there is a bathroom with separate shower which would not disfigure even in master suite of a flybridge while, aft, hidden by a curtain, another cabin is equipped with a double bed.

Unexpected from the outside, the interiors of the Magazzù MX-14 Classic offer definitely surprising spaces which do not weight down the lines of this amazing boat.

Everywhere, you can perceive the high level of finishes, the quality of the wood details and the study of lighting which, sometimes direct and sometimes reflected, contributes to extend the boundaries of this space, far beyond its natural limits.


Magazzù-MX-14-Classic-navigation-2The Magazzù MX-14 Classic is a Maxi Rib which, if on the one hand she represents the maximum stage of the evolution of this category, on the other she is undoubtedly chosen because people fall in love with her at first glance.

Able to make people turn their heads when entering the port, she is designed for demanding and refined owners who certainly buy her because she is simply beautiful, but they are also able to go further and understand her very high technological content.

The very high customization possibilities offered by the shipyard make all Magazzù Maxi Ribs unique and able to fully meet the tastes and needs of their owners who, at the time of delivery, will have no doubts about having purchased what is the best product on the market.

And the latter is the first choice factor of a luxury boat.


RPM Speed Fuel Consumption (l/nm) Fuel Consumption (l/h)
600 3.3 0.7 2.3
1,000 5.47 0.8 4.4
1,250 8.12 1.9 15.4
1,500 9.63 2.7 26.0
1,750 11.8 3.4 40.1
2,000 16.2 3.2 51.8
2,200 20.4 3.1 63.2
2,400 23.6 3.1 73.2
2,600 26.1 3.1 80.9
2,800 29.1 3.2 93.1
3,000 34.7 3.2 111.0
3,200 38.4 3.3 126.7
3,400 42.1 3.5 147.4
3,600 45.1 3.9 175.9