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The Senses 07 is under construction, here are the first exclusive photos

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News of the sale of the first Senses 07 arrived in our editorial offices in late autumn, and work on the mould of the Senses 07 began as planned.

Senses 07 is a decidedly innovative yacht, behind which is the genius mind of Mauro Corvisieri, creator of the Senses Yacht concept and owner of Custom Yachts, an intriguing shipyard that operates in the “full custom superyachts” segment.

Senses 07 vista da poppa

Not surprisingly, even though the Senses 07 is a “small” 70-footer, it will be able to take advantage of prestigious spaces and finishes, worthy of yachts of a much larger size and level.

Senses 07 will also be “hyper-customized” on the basis of the very precise needs and requests of its owner. The main deck is completely open, in direct contact with the marine environment, where refined geometries come into play, enhanced by the natural space to create a true architectural masterpiece.

The lines of the boat offer a refined, sporty, futuristic aesthetic, starting with the overbearing scimitar-shaped bow and ending with the stern, which not only opens up to contact with the sea, but also features unprecedented architectural solutions.

Last but not least, the hard-top, clearly inspired by the automotive industry and of enormous dimensions, shades a large part of the deck. The detailed renderings of the interiors are still kept under wraps, but we’re sure there will be more pleasant surprises in store. The Senses 07 will also be equipped with a fin stabilisation system to increase comfort at anchor.

Senses 07, performances.

Charted cruising performance indicates a maximum planing speed of 24 knots and 15 knots in displacement, excellent figures that will allow this luxury yacht, fast, economical and comfortable trips.

The Senses 07 is scheduled for delivery at the end of this year and the production technology has been based on the best available on the market.

Senses Yachts

Interestingly, the prestigious Ceccarelli Yacht Design studio worked on the design of the Senses 07.

Senses 07 boasts class to spare, thanks to its ultra-modern geometries, but above all it features a truly innovative layout capable of generating large spaces, unusual on this size but well integrated. The lower deck again is connected with the beach area to create a beautiful, flush-to-the-water gift of paradisiacal relaxation.

The yacht has been purchased by a Campania-based charter company, which will use it mainly on the Amalfi Coast and, another rumour, it seems that the same company has also commissioned a 90-foot version of Senses, for which design work has already begun.

The mould of the Senses 07

The photo taken at the shipyard shows the full extent of the Senses 07’s 21-meter hull. “The mould will be transferred to the production center in a few days and at the beginning of February we will “lay the first stone” and start shaping the boat”.

Stampo Senses 07 di Senses Yachts

Mauro Corvisieri explains this directly from Montecarlo, adding that from an engineering point of view the best technologies have been used and that “in the first phase of preparation of the mould we’ll use a special technique to literally “detach the sides” by means of a system of hydraulic hammers, specially designed by those who made the mould“.

In short, when Senses Yachts’ shipyard says that things are “in progress“, everything really makes sense. And it is that sense that is strictly Made in Italy.

Mauro Corvisieri

Mauro Corvisieri trained as a child in the “school” of his father, a port builder, from whose teachings he draws his own thoughts, making superyachts and their capacity suitable for chartering a solid point on which to base his business for more than two decades.


It’s a witty challenge and we know why: it’s easy to rig large yachts with easy spaces, but less so on more tapered sizes, under 25 meters.

To give you an idea, there are three cabins on board the Senses 07, all with en-suite heads and a cinema view of the sea, plus one for the crew. The master cabin is forward. But there’s more to the lower deck than meets the eye: a world of inventiveness that offers terraced spaces and an immense saloon that is entirely devoted to the marine environment, something rarely seen on the market today.

The renderings also make it clear that this yacht is intended to be enjoyed in the open air on the open deck, with the protection of the bulwarks marking the perimeter of the boat and safely embracing her guests.

Propulsion? Senses 07 is powered by twin Volvo Penta D11 – IPS 950s, the best on the market in terms of “safe cruising experience”.

Technical data

LOA 21,10 m
LWL 20,35 m
Max Beam 6,05 m
Unladen Displacemen 31,5 t
Laden Displacemen 39 t
Max Draft 1,10 m
Cabins 4
Max Passengers Capacity 16
Engines 2 x Volvo Penta D11 – IPS 950
Cruising Speed 15 n
Max Cruising Speed 20 n
Max Speed 24 n