The International Yachting Media acquires YachtingNews.com

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The International Yachting Media acquires YachtingNews.com , the American yachting information portal.

YachtingNews.com,a domain of significant value and international stature, has been acquired by The International Yachting Media, the global all-digital and multilingual yachting publishing giant founded by Luca D’Ambrosio in 2014.

“With the acquisition of YachtingNews.com, the result of an important and costly operation, we confirm our global leadership in the digital nautical information sector – says the CEO and founder of the publishing group – “The technology on which the newborn magazine is based is also new, more modern, faster and, above all, natively developed  for mobile devices, from which almost 70% of traffic comes”.

YachtingNews.com is a domain “newsworthy”

YachtingNews.com-websiteWith its distinctive domain, YachtingNews.com is in itself an undoubtedly “newsworthy” name and the keywords it carries are certainly the most important ones in the digital yachting  publishing panorama. A self-explanatory operation that confirms the main intention of  The International Yachting Media, whose goal is certainly the global broadcasting of nautical news and novelties. Precise, researched information that starts with the novelties presented at boat shows all over the world, but is developed through the creation of original content, generated by working in the field, with extensive use of sea trials of both boats and nautical accessories.

The new domain, with its sophisticated and appealing grahics, will carry all the English-language content that the publishing group has accumulated over the years and which currently resides on the yachtingmedia.com magazine. A technologically important operation that saw the definitive transition to YachtingNews.com take place on Wednesday June 23rd, when the site will be fully operational with all content available to our avid readers, owners, shipyards and nautical operators.

” This acquisition will further increase the number of readers of our digital channels, offering improved ease of reading content, even from non-desktop digital devices – explains Giorgio Bruno, Sales Manager of the group – It is exciting to work at The International Yachting Media. For us, the word “innovation” is an understatement, as we have launched four different digital initiatives in the last 12 months alone, consolidating our already clear competitive advantage”.

Yachtingnews.com, the value of information first of all

YachtingNews.com-MobileYachtingNews.com was developed thanks the meticulous and collective work of our editorial staff that, with the help of the most innovative content optmization techniques for search engines, offers English-speaking users an editorial product of the highest journalistic quality. At YachtingNews.com, everything is aimed at ensuring an easy, satisfying reading experience, characterized above all by a single bulwark: the informative value of the news for the reader.

YachtingNews.com joins an exhaustive editorial polygon made up of several magazines, including SuperYachts.news, dedicated to yachts over 24 meters long, whose contents are available in Italian, English, Russian and Spanish. Another jewel of yachting information by TIYM is TuttoBarche.it, which, in late 2017, was joined by its French and Spanish counterparts: TousLesBateaux.fr and TodosLosBarcos.es .

In addition to the already exhaustive count, there is also the famous online pilot book, the most widely consulted in the world, as well as a free, useful and essential tool used daily by both owners and captains to find a berth in a port or choose where to anchor.

But there’s even more. The best content from the group’s magazines flows quarterly into the full-bodied digital magazine YatchDigest.news; a free, completely advertising-free and highly innovative digital product that offers the eye-catching paper-virtual concept whose cross-connectivity guarantees a truly rewarding experience in terms of perceived information quality. And perhaps this is the visionary intuition of TIYM’s founder, Luca D’Ambrosio, a true innovator who has been able to bring the beauty of the printed editorial product to the web, combining it with all the synergies that only digital can offer.

A compelling layout

The digital metamorphosis will of course also include the social scene, including the page – the name of which has been recently changed – on the popular Instagram platform. YachtingNews.com’s articles are published in an easy-to-read font and illuminated by grey-on-white colour pixels. The quality of the photos accompanying the articles is very high. The content is divided into seven main categories: News, Boat tests, Motor Boats, Sailing Yatchs, Maxi-Ribs and Boat Supply.

Conceived in one of the world’s most widely spoken languages and undoubtedly the most popular, YachtingNews.com is an English-speaking and, above all, global editorial product. Clearly expressed by the name of the publishing group that says it all about its mission: “The International Yachting Media”.