100 Sunreef Yacht Power

100 Sunreef Power, the revolution of luxury is multi-hull

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Sunreef Yachts has released the first photos of the 100 Sunreef Power and they are irrefutable proof that another masterpiece is being added to the superyacht luxury nautical scene.

Maybe it’s because multihulls increase the size of the living space in the galley in an absolute way and maybe it’s because Sunreef Yachts endows its – let’s call them legitimate works of art – with sublime design. The fact remains, however, that Sunreef Yachts’ ultra-luxury catamarans are at least a definitive signal for the market. The multi-hull mode appeals to owners. It also lends itself to cruising through generous spaces and does so with that spectacular grandeur that the tycoons of the planet always appreciate.

100 Sunreef Power: ocean crossings

100 Sunreef Power

The 100 Sunreef Power sails the oceans brilliantly, she’s designed for that. With the two immense aft ladders playing a starring role, the exterior architecture, thus conceived, could be compared to a futuristic cathedral.

The catamaran boasts a length of 28.63 meters and a maximum beam of 13.5 meters, almost double what is normally offered by a monohull superyacht. In the midst of all this space, there is a large dining room that offers the kind of comfort you would expect to find in a mega villa..

Ambivalent interiors

What is evident from the photos conveys a feeling of warmth well staged in an exquisitely Nordic atmosphere. The interior designer has chosen oak for the floors and opted for bespoke interiors, with classic cushions and sofas in soft colours or mossy shades. It’s almost as if it’s evoking a terrestrial, perhaps woodland, setting, in perfect contrast to the surrounding sea that fully envelops the superyacht. The cockpit is illuminated by large windows and a system of soft lighting.

100 Sunreef Power

Guests on board find their privacy in five en-suite cabins. The master cabin on deck opens out into the ocean, spreading across an expansive volume. The 100 Sunreef Power also has three crew cabins, two of which are located in the fore section of the hull and one in the stern.

The dark colours of the hull, the choice of square portholes, and the huge relaxation area on the forward deck all confirm how this catamaran’s exterior puts a lot of grit and sportiness into the water.

These features may be irreverent or perhaps “military”, but on the whole they are translated to perfection: an authoritarian luxury that leaves you wide-eyed, especially if you think of the classicism evoked by the wonderful aft stairs that lead on board. And the scene continues on the flybridge, which is so large that it doubles up as an open-air cinema, adding the most spectacular features to a catamaran of this kind.


Designed by Agnieska Blizniuk, the hull of the 100 Sunreef Power is extremely sporty: with a vast flybridge and an innovative system that includes a garage capable of accommodating more than three seater jet-skis, water-toys and an aft hydraulically-operated platform.

The designer also explains that “catamarans are not present enough in the superyacht market,” and this is confirmed. This is an unjustified habit, but Sunreef Yachts is really changing the trend. The record we are talking about is obviously a source of pride: the Polish boatyard is the only one able to ‘inject’ superyacht quality into catamarans. Francis Lapp, founder of Sunreef Yachts, says: “Today, more and more owners agree that catamarans make fantastic luxury yachts”.

Sunreef Yachts 100 Power