Akira 57

Heesen Yachts Akira 57 is full-aluminium

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Akira 57 consists of solidity and lightness and is “Full-FDHF Aluminium”. 57-meters long, she represents the perfect sporty counterpoint to her 55-meter predecessor, which is slightly shorter and built in steel. Shipbuilder for this fast boat is the renowned Heesen Yachts based in the Netherlands, which was looking for a comprehensive answer for those customers looking for “speed, efficiency and volume“.

Akira 57 was born in the Dutch lowlands but did so with an exotic frown, because she was actually conceived for the shallow waters of the Bahamas. The keel draft is actually reduced to just 2.3 metres, despite the fact that the overall surface area of Akira 57 expands to around 400 square metres of luxurious interior designed by Harrison Eidsgaard. Those lucky enough to see Akira 57 speed through the Caribbean environment for which she was conceived will see her reach a speed of 22 knots, powered by two “relatively small” engines named MTU 16V 4000 M65L.

Feline dash for Akira 57

Heesen Yachts entrusted the exterior design to the Omega architecture studio and the sketches were handled by Frank Laupman, who produced “an elongated, contemporary profile with an aggressive power reminiscent of a feline leap“. The interior is a perfect match thanks to a compelling aesthetic that, it goes without saying, will not go unnoticed in any port in the world. The imprinting of this luxury vessel is characterized by a widespread artisan know-how, which is also expressed in the highly refined furnishings of the Akira 57.

The signature is that of Harrison Eidsgaard who created a décor rich in special finishes: reflective shapes, polished sycamore, laminated glass, stainless steel finishes, dark pewter accents and metallic materials. So much beauty is reminiscent of Jan Vermeer‘s paintings. The soft sandy colours at the bow provide space for the 7.5-metre tender and the 6.5-metre rescue boat, while the 3.5-metre jet ski is concealed in a hatch. Since the bow is cluttered with on-board equipment, which can be launched using the yacht crane, the beach club has been moved to the stern. The Akira 57’s tanks are able to supply a total of 80,000 litres of fuel and around 24,000 litres of fresh water per day.

The width of the Akira 57 is about ten metres, enough to allow for the perfect proportions in the master cabin’s dowry: 63 square metres on the upper deck, located directly above the four guest cabins. The VIP cabin is on the bridge deck. All the suites are linked by a completely transparent glass lift. A masterpiece. What do they think at Heesen Yachts? “Yacht connoisseurs understand how extraordinary it is to build a high-speed aluminium motor yacht. It takes exacting naval architecture, precision engineering, meticulous welding and rigorous weight control.” You can’t argue with that.