Buy a boat, the virus can't swim

Buy a boat, the virus can’t swim

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Buy a boat, Coronavirus can’t swim 

Nothing will be back as normal. That’s for sure, everybody knows that.

compra una barca il corona virus non sa nuotare

In a few weeks, restrictions will be eased and we will all begin to experience a new way of working, moving and interacting with people.

In short, a new way of life which will also include the need, extraordinarily vital today, to go on holiday and fill the eyes with open spaces and freedom.

But how can we do this without endangering our own health and that of our loved ones?

The first thing to avoid is absolutely going to crowded places, where living spaces are very tight and contacts inevitable. The travel includes in itself very high risk factors.


In this new way of life, the boat will undoubtedly be the best and safest way to spend our holidays, our weekends and therefore to continue to enjoy those moments of joy that, indispensable, recharge our batteries like nothing else in the world.

The boat is a “self-sustaining ecosystem”, perfect, with some precautions, to prevent the risk of contagion.

Contrary to common belief, the boat is not the prerogative of the rich, there are boats for all tastes and budgets, new or used, boats of all sizes.

Of course, adaptability is essential but I’m sure you won’t spent your holidays in a tourist resort where an underpaid 18-year-old guy, while you’re losing your mind because sun umbrellas are so close to each other that you feel like you are on the subway, informs you that it’s time for the coffee game… Not to mention the buffet lunches and dinners that, if they already horrified me before, now represent the best way to feed an outbreak.

Quarantine is better than this.

“Buy a boat”, here’s how boating market will change

Boating market will change after Coronavirus, I’m sure.

The number of wealthy people who will prefer boats to 5-star hotels will increase and the choice will fall on large boats with unparalled safety and comfort standards on board.

The shipyards that currently build boats from 35 to 50 feet, will re-start building 8/9 metre boats, which will be modern, simple and fast, allowing everyone to go to sea safely, under sail or motor, according to their tastes.

New forms of purchase will take hold, such as long-term rent for example, and the time taken to charter a boat will be much longer, a phenomenon that has already been seen this summer.

Most of all, a large number of “new owners“, who would not have considered buying a boat before, will come to boating market and never leave it again.

compra una barca superyachts

Chartering will grow a lot. A lot of operators (many of them already use them) will be equipped of sanitizing systems, appropriate for the rotation of guests on board.

Ports will change and adapt to welcome a growing number of boats that, once the cruising season is over, will be winterized. The number of ports will grow, including the “seasonal” ones and of the equipped buoy berths.

Finally, and fortunately, even the hysterical daydreamer-comet-460search for a berth in August will change. Spending a night at the anchor will become more common and finally everyone will understand that there is nothing more beautiful than a starry sky or a bath in the still water of the morning.

Above all, they will understand that stay on board and sleep in a port is a contradiction, because you can find the smell of diesel fuel and the mess even in the city, just open the windows.

So, buy a boat. We will be safe and have much more fun.