Evo T2, much more than a tender: an authentic day cruiser

Evo T2 by Evo Yachts is the first tender that turns into a day boat

There are tenders that fulfill their function as a tender and tenders designed for those who want more. In the second case, we’re talking about the EVO T2, the brand-new tender built by Evo Yachts and designed by Valerio Rivellini, whose pencil always creates masterpieces destined to leave the mark.

Evo T2, in fact, is a unique, innovative and ambitious project: her 7 meters of design go definitely beyond the simple task of a tender that can be accommodated in a superyacht garage, but result in absolute comfort, so as to make the Evo T2 an authentic day cruiser with a comprehensive and detailed range of equipment, unusual for a boat of this size.

Thanks to the wide range of custom options available, which combine practicality and luxury, the Evo T2 is much more than a mere means of transportation for the crew and proposes herself as an elegant and exciting motorboat for single-handed or family cruising. Furthermore, she enters series production, thus launching a new range of day boats for superyachts

” When Valerio Rivellini presented us with the idea of a custom tender, we immediately decided to meet a new challenge – say the Mercuri brothers, owners of the Evo Yachts brand – Today that we can see the new Evo T2 in water, we can only be satisfied with our choice. We’re going to continue the production of this model, which allows us to enter a new market segment and expand our range”.

From an aesthetical point of view, clean lines and minimalism are the standout features of the EVO T2, which combines functionality and versatility, in perfect Evo style. From a logistic point of view, instead, the exclusive tender is equipped with a steering console that can be raised or lowered electrically to make driving easier. This cutting-edge solution means that Evo T2 has a height of just 1.45 meters with the console fully lowered, making it the perfect fit for garages and beach areas. 

The comprehensive range of equipment on Evo T2 makes her a safe boat as well as offering relaxation and entertainment too. The super tender is fitted with a battery charger, an engine battery, a services battery, a 12-24 volt converter, a quay cable, ​predisposition for housing and the charge of two seabobs, table for eight people, ​an electric winch, a towing hook for water skiing and a hydraulic sea ladder. 

Evo T2: a small jewel that combines luxury, comfort, speed and safety

Onboard comfort is ensured by a sofa that can be transformed into a sun lounger by detaching the back rest in the central area, revealing a low table beneath. A steel fridge in the cockpit and a practical bimini top complete the onboard amenities.

Another feature that makes Evo T2 unique and innovative in the tender segment is the fully accessible engine compartment, with generously sized front and rear hatches.

Power comes from a 300 HP inboard engine coupled to a hydro jet transmission, delivering a cruising speed of 28 knots and a top speed of 36 knots.

Another of the boat’s value added features is automation: all onboard functions can be controlled both from the elegant touch screen control panel on the driving console as well as from a smartphone.

Finally, to facilitate safe launching and hauling up operations, even in rough seas, Rivellini has designed a special system with four balanced lifting points that reduce swinging during boat handling operations to a minimum.

Like all Evo Yachts models, the hull is designed to guarantee excellent seaworthiness and offer maximum safety even in rough seas or during complex manoeuvres.

” From the very beginning, the owner had very clear ideas: he wanted a luxury, elegant and performing item at the same time – says designer Valerio Rivellini – Along with Tonino Cappiello, manager of the owner, after a market analysis, we decided that the best way to meet such requests was to create a custom tender. We managed to fully meet all his needs by creating a product that reflects the soul of Evo Yachts in both aesthetic and functional terms. I am proud of the final result, which is the fruit of a synergy with an exceptional shipyard “.