Fabiani Yacht Futura 101 Ibrida

Fabiani unveils Futura 101 Hybrid: the future is now

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Fabiani Yacht unveils Futura 101 Ibrida, the real hybrid superyacht. 

After the successful presentation of its six latest creations in the form ofFutura 101 Hybrid solar panels scale models at the 60th Genoa International Boat Show, Fabiani Yacht is proud to announce its seventh wonder and 2021 new-entry, the Futura 101 Hybrib.

The project is based on the same green standards than the other models in the range: 70 Classic, 77 Classic, 77 Hybrid, 100 Classic, 100 Hybrid and 101 Classic.

The Futura 101 Hybrid is now available in a hybrid version, which best summarizes the four focal pints of the famous Italian brand: innovation, sustainability, safety and comfort.

Fabiani Yacht: Futura 101 Hybrid, the future is now

A superyacht that, in addition to sailing in traditional mode thanks to two diesel engines from 1,650 to 2,000 HP each (capable of delivering a top speed of 24 knots), can also navigate in total silence for hours and at no cost, with the only use of solar power.

The revolutionary solar system, combined with electric propulsion (the Futura 101 Hybrid is fitted with twin Siemens 150 kW engines), has been patented as all the other models in the Fabiani range.

From a structural point of view, unlike the 100 Hybrid which is also equipped with a large solar panel sail, the Futura 101 Hybrid photovoltaic park is only retractable, like on the 77-foot model but with some innovations.

Fabiani Futura 101 Ibrida

Solar panels, in fact, are placed above a series of slides that protrude laterally for two thirds of their length from the walkway between the saloon and the flybridge. Two other panels extend from the flybridge but extend towards the bow.

” As much sun Futura 101 sees – explains engineer Maurizio Fabiani, Chairman and founder of che Italian shipyard – as much sun she transforms into the electric power needed to sail all day without the use of batteries, with an autonomy of of over 7 hours even at night”.

Interiors, luxury and sustainability

Futura 101 Hybrid, whose hull is based on the same platform than the 100 Classic, is distinguished by generous volumes both on and below deck. The interior layout is 100% custom: the sleeping zone can have from 4 to 6 cabins, thus offering a charter-oriented configuration. Furthermore, the corridor that crosses the lower deck from stern to bow can be built in such a way as to cross the engine room and lead directly to the tender garage and beach area.

The cabins, all equipped with head with toilet and separateFutura 101 Hybrid master cabin shower, are extraordinarily wide. In particular, the master cabin exploits all the beam available (over 6.5 m). The bow cabin can equally be considered as an owner cabin, overlooking the sea thanks to a large panoramic window, which can be darkened when necessary for greater privacy: a real suite with a window on the horizon.

Fabiani Futura 101 Ibrida main deck

Futura 101 Hybrid, however, is not a boat for everyone. “ The owner of such a sophisticated yacht should have a mind for technology – Mr. Fabiani explains – Far from being a traditional capitain who just chart a course and takes the helm, he should be able to understand how to best use the resources he has available, namely energy production and wind eploitation. Moreover, he should be able to understand and prevent risks: if the sea is rough and the boat starts to roll, common sense and timing are needed to retrive the photovoltaic sleds, almost four meters long “.

Nevertheless, all Fabiani Yachts have special systems designed to constantly monitor the motion variations of the boat. In the event that something can threaten the structure stability, they end an alert; if this is neglected by the captain, they close and shelter the photovoltaic system automatically.

Not surprisingly, safety on board is a priority for Maurizio Fabiani, who has worked in the field of safety engineering for years. The respect for the sea, instead, is a mission he has always carried out.

Futura 101 Hybrid combines luxury and sustainability through a forward-looking approach. Because eco-friendly future is now.

Fabiani Futura 101 Hybrid: Technical Specs

LOA (extended platform) 30,40 m
23,88 m
6,73 m
1,60 m
Unladen Displacement
87 t
Displacement (at half load)
93 t
Laden Displacement
100 t
Fuel Capacity
10.700 lt
Fresh water
1.800 lt
Grey and Black waters
1.800 lt
Top speed 24 n
Cruising speed 21 n
Diesel engines da 2 x 1.650 cv a 2 x 2.000 cv
Electric engines
2 x Siemens 150 kW
2 x > 50 kW
Construction Material
EC Category
Notazione CE Classe A