The Seven Wonders of the World at ICE Yachts

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We visited the ICE Yachts shipyards and it was memorable. The following is a reportage that tells of the best of Made in Italy in the production of sailing boats.

It is not common to have seven boats of this level in production at the same time. The ICE Yachts crafts under construction are all characterized by the presence of carbon aboard and are all magnificent. And in this case any criticism leaves room for the reality of what our eyes have seen and appreciated.

In Salvirola, in the province ICE yachtsof Cremona, beauty springs from the shipyard. To introduce us to it, we met Marco Malgara directly, founder of a young shipyard whose ambitions are now aiming to renovation in the sign of unstoppable growth. This is undoubtedly demonstrated by the “seven wonders” in full production at the ICE Yachts yard. And this is confirmed by a spectacular choice of style and design that does not neglect to collaborate with the best names in the nautical world.

It’s easy to say Made in Italy. At ICE Yachts, however, the distinctive trait of Italian craftsmanship, scrupulous and with obsessive attention to detail, is clearly evident.

The operativeness of the ICE Yachts shipyard

Thanks to such perfection, Marco Malgara achieves a good 35 per cent of his turnover in Italy, but he operates all over the world, including Mexico, the Philippines and Hong Kong. Mr. Malgara builds yachts (for himself) and for “others” using a great deal of his experience because, as a long-time owner, he has always looking for a perfect boat.

The crowning glory of his already ultra-generous sailing diligence is the results that can be seen at sea. The performance of the ICE yachts is top-notch. First and foremost, because we’re talking about lightweight boats, with an extensive use of carbon. These are all factors that are required to obtain really fast and fun cruising or racing boats. But a slight rewind is in order.

sailyacht layout

The seven wonders

After a quick routine green pass check, we cross the threshold of the ICE Yachts shipyard, which opens like a cathedral, but with hulls instead of naves. Inside the pavilions we can’t contain our enthusiasm. We are filled with the joy of observing the flair of the shipwrights and the devious details that hint at what these boats will be. The hulls mark the pavilion space in all their majesty, curving it with their waterlines. It is as if the keels are animated and already planning to bring their new dimension to life, preparing for when they occupy the water.

ICE 62 TargaThe fleet in preparation includes an ICE 62 TARGA. This state-of-the-art craft, designed by Felci Yacht Design, has a Cariboni lifting keel, double helm, carbon canopy with solar panel support and electrically-controlled mainsail traveller, full carbon deck, fibreglass and carbon hull and double Weldox steel fin. This is the first unit of the ICE 62 TARGA. She will be in the water at the end of the year and it is useless to tell you how demanding the owner is for such a beauty.

Here’s a shadow of a hull, it’s an ICE 60 RS, which is about as fast as you could think of in the yard. In terms of pure cruiser-racer, she surpasses even the ultra-perfect ICE 60, which she is essentially inspired by. And here is another ICE 60 that we watch in amazement. For the occasion, she comes in a “special” version, with brand-new fittings and touches that are the result of Marco Malgara’s personal experience in sailing and as an owner. What are the special features? Additional lockers, higher drapes and a deckhouse in a sophisticated shade of grey anthracite, plus many other special features that will be revealed as the boat is launched.

But the line continues with the ICE 62, a major new addition for 2022, which we’ll be telling you more about soon because we don’t want to reveal anything. A more accessible craft, she will resemble the ICE 62 TARGA but will be fitted with an extremely modern and innovative deckhouse. And here’s the first keel of the ICE 66 RS, designed by Farr Yacht design and styled by Micheletti + Partners.

Ice Yachts ICE 60RS

Light as carbon

Wandering the corridors of the ICE Yachts yard we find the ICE 70. They call her the ‘Stradivarius’ and those who have seen her at the latest boat shows confirm this. The boat is already elegant, even if it’s still an unrefined version. You can tell all that by looking at the development of the boat and the wheelhouse, which has been moved far aft. The hull, on the other hand, suggests that its wetted surface has been purposely reduced. The bowsprit is clearly made of carbon. Not yet, but the interior of this ICE 70 will be different from the usual. And that’s just one of the confirmations of how customizable this yard’s boats are.

But the wonders of the yacht hullworld aren’t over yet, as the ICE 52 RS and 54 remain to be seen, both strictly in glass-carbon. And when we say carbon, we mean carbon. The 52 RS boasts a Hall Spars carbon fibre rig, a carbon fibre rudder shaft and a carbon/glass hull because the resin cushions the shocks and improves silence below deck. The interior is an example of fine cabinetry but lightened to the maximum to guarantee the performance that distinguishes ICE Yachts boats.

The ICE 54 we see on the stand will be a modern but classic racer-cruiser. It’s a craft that, like the others from ICE Yachts, you have to know how to appreciate. Designed by Felci Yacht Design, the ICE 54 has been conceived for those who want to have fun racing with friends, but also think about demanding cruises and are looking for comfort and convenience.

Buying the boats in production? It’s out of the question because the seven wonders of the world are all sold. Where do ICE Yachts customers come from? Mexico, Israel, Russia, Germany, France, Italy. Otherwise we wouldn’t be talking about the seven wonders of the world.