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One thousand and one nights at Marina di San Lorenzo (and it’s all new)

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The Marina di San Lorenzo recreational port is ready, properly updated according to the state-of-the-art standards, the result of a thorough restyling which now invites the owners to enjoy its nautical “One Thousand and one nights”-style elixirs. The marina’s facilities have been updated, along with the services designed for safe and pleasant mooring. The atmosphere is fairy-tale, the well-aligned palm trees on the pier ashore symmetrically mark the course of the boats’ masts; this is Marina di San Lorenzo, a marine oasis for niche yachting, standing distinctly on its stretch of sea between Sanremo and Imperia.

The restyling is intended for those seeking the harmony, tranquillity and privacyMarina di San Lorenzo needed in such a refined location. Another of the marina’s predisposition is undoubtedly towards welcoming hospitality, dedicated to yachts and superyachts, and there is no lack of satisfaction. The excellence here is also motivated by the awarding of the Blue Flag, attributed by the FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education) programme again this year for the quality of the beaches and services at the Marina di San Lorenzo.

The owner therefore comes to the Marina attracted by the wide range of activities offered, including sports, diving, sailing instruction and onshore excursions.

Furthermore, there is the Hotel Riviera dei Fiori located right in the port and overlooking the sea, also owned by the Marina, so the owner is certainly taken by the delights of the chef who oversees the restaurant’s menu full of traditional Ligurian dishes.

The range of choices also includes events in the enchanting Ligurian setting of Marina di San Lorenzo, which sets the pace perfectly between Sanremo and Imperia. Autumn food and wine events such as Olioliva with tastings of genuine products, and those linked to the nautical world such as the International 420 Worldchampionship at Marina degli Aregai, where sails from all over the world converge. Vele D’epoca (Vintage Sails), in Imperia from 2 to 5 September, is also the ritual appointment of the most fantastic sailing ships, which has been held for 30 years and is not to be missed.

Marina di San LorenzoServices and living life

The Marina, however, offers so much more and it is that more that you do not see but feel. Perhaps it is the private beach, the atmosphere of a relaxing but at the same time stimulating location. Maybe it’s the wonderful regional context: the jasmine, the purple bougainvillea, the scent of Ligurian lemons emerging from the fabulous Mediterranean flora, and the medieval centre of San Lorenzo al Mare, rich in culture, just a five-minute walk from the port. Maybe it’s because the Riviera of Flowers is the backdrop to the Marina, which is served by a 24-kilometre-long cycle path that will extend to Imperia when the work is completed. And the Ligurian Sea is its balcony of water, the Marina di San Lorenzo protects itself from the changing nature ofMarina di San Lorenzo the sea with due circumstance, thanks to a large breakwater that presides over the safety of moorings facing land. Yes, a great deal of safety if you think of Marina di San Lorenzo as being arranged in a comb-like pattern, with the quays following one another from west to east, where it is easy to moor without suffering the anguish of incoming maritime traffic. And close by there are also Sanremo, Monte Carlo, the Cote d’Azur, while on the opposite side continues the brilliant Gulf of Genoa; so the choice of maritime destinations, all beautiful, becomes almost embarrassing for the owner who sets his bow on Marina di San Lorenzo.

The marina can accommodate 260 boats up to 40 meters in length, with all the main services included: mooring assistance at all hours, the nearby shipyard, an authorised Volvo Penta workshop, surveillance, Wi-Fi, fuel, travel lift, refitting, rebuilding and parking, including covered parking places.

The all-new Marina di San Lorenzo is the perfect option even for superyachts

There is a new air in the Marina in San Lorenzo al Mare, because it has been newly restyled and changed its look in an even more convincing way, with more graceful forms that now make the port routine even more pleasant for everyone.

Porto liguriaThe Marina has been designed and built according to the latest criteria with a view to reducing its energy impact. The marina offers the latest generation of electricity columns and new berths for superyachts are safely located on the main quay right in front of the Management. In fact, the recent restyling is looking at superyachts, making the Marina’s berths available to yachts from 26 to 40 metres, which moor in the more protected quay. And there’s more: because the ‘Thousand and One Nights’ formula dedicated to superyachts is the Marina di San Lorenzo’s latest idea. The invitation to transit is therefore reserved for boats from 35 to 40 metres, and to make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity it is a good idea to check with the Marina.

Marina di San Lorenzo: all the novelties available on the website

The Marina’s offer is also well-detailed online through a website in English and Italian, which has now become state-of-the-art. Divided into several categories, which can be consulted via an interactive menu, the website features, among other things, the very practical “Sail safely with Meteomed” section, which is characterized by regular updates on the state of the sea, wind, warnings, and weather with live satellite images.

Marina di San Lorenzo at Cannes and Genoa boat shows

Further news: Marina di San Lorenzo will have its own booth at the 61st Genoa Boat Show from September 16-21 (booth YE25) and another (booth 111) at the Cannes Yachting Festival from September 7-12. Two more reasons to head for the Riviera of Flowers.

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