Monaco Energy Boat Challenge 2023: 10th anniversary for the world’s only electric boat rally

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Many innovations the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge 2023 mark the event’s 10th anniversary: from the world’s largest sustainable boat exhibition to the first E-boat Rally.

A regular appointment for ten years now for electric boating, conceived and organized by the Yacht Club Monaco which, as a pioneer, already organized the first gathering of electric boats in 2013.

Now, a decade later, thanks to the futuristic vision of YCM, the tenth edition of the show will take place from 3 to 8 July 2023, with many new features.

First and foremost: the world’s largest exhibition of sustainable recreational and commercial boats. The event will host the three traditional classes: Solar, Energy and Open Sea, which will be in partnership with Aqua Superpower, the world’s first marine electric charging network.

Monaco, which has always been the capital of cutting-edge yachting, has adopted the E-Dock, the new electric charging technology, as a demonstration of its commitment to promoting sustainable boating.

In fact, since 2019, YCM has been using Aqua electric recharging stations on its docks, for the first time in the world with direct-current technology, and had also organized real electric boat races, thus enhancing the Sport section of sustainable boats.

Monaco Energy Boat Challenge: electric boat charging

Monaco Energy Boat ChallengeNext year Aqua Superpower will be an official partner of the Yachting Club Monaco, which has decided to join forces to enhance the status of the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge, making it the world’s leading electric boating event in the future.

Precisely in 2023 Aqua Superpower will launch its new E-Dock charging system, which will complement the direct current charging system in use today. It will be premiered at that time and will consist of an environmentally friendly bamboo AC pontoon, a true float capable of recharging up to 20 boats simultaneously, available for the Open Sea section of the exhibition. According to Aqua Superpower CEO Alex Bamberg:

Aqua superPower is the first dedicated electric fast charging network for boats, with the aim of installing corridors of chargers in boating areas everywhere in order to provide the platform to make electric boating feasible. We have worked closely with the YCM for several years; they have been very supportive and were early pioneers in believing and demonstrating that electric navigation is the future. For this 10th Monaco Energy Boat Challenge, we are pleased to be working alongside the Club to attract electric boats from all over the world as the industry takes off”.

Important goals for environmental sustainability that wink at the future of boating, of which Monaco is the capital, as Bernard d’Alessandri, Secretary General of the Yacht Club of Monaco, also reports:

Monaco has always been a yachting mecca and pioneer. From 1904, the Principality organised the first powerboat meetings. Innovation is synonymous with Monaco. To celebrate ten years of the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge we want to demonstrate that the technology exists and is efficient and effective over a given distance. What better way to do this than organise the world’s biggest meeting of electric vessels with a target record participation of 55+ boats”.

Monaco Energy Boat Challenge: E-Boat Rally

Also new for the 10th anniversary edition is the first E-Boat Rally for commercially available electric boats

The event will enable a record number of electric boat builders to show the public what the future for leisure and commercial boating looks like

The 16 nautical mile E-Boat Rally will leave from Monaco to call into Cala del Forte in Ventimiglia, Italy where participants can recharge and visitors will be able to see the boats up close, before returning to the Principality.

Innovation Lab

Monaco Energy Boat Challenge2Parallel to events taking place on the water there will be an Innovation Lab onshore, dedicated to industry and researchers, where the YCM will exhibit projects and innovations selected by the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge jury.

The Best of Innovation award will be presented in four categories: for the AC system, for the alternative propulsion system, for new materials and for innovative and sustainable yachts/boats.

Projects submitted must be applicable to the yachting industry and show a positive impact on sustainable development and evidence of bringing something innovative to the sector.

Applications to enter are opened and will close on 15th March 2023. Nominees will be announced at Monaco Ocean Week (20-26 March 2023).